Yes, I like the beach
Yes i like to write
The beach really makes me so happy ..
I like to live, I like to dream and to think in those dreams every day because they feed my light and create a light with a bigger flash.
The days at the beach are a real dream, when I think about going to the beach
I choose the days in which the beach is deserted, where all the people outside are occupied with their lives and the days in which they travel to the beach, is on vacation.
I choose the quiet and sunny days where I can enjoy the sound of the waves, and the sun trying to burn my skin but a good blocker can solve it.
I like, to lie on my beach towel and sunbathe I like that feeling.
The rain is also perfect on the beach, when it is not a heavy rain when the water drops are part of the landscape …
I need that intense cold and that quiet rain one afternoon on the beach
And expressing what I feel on the beach makes me travel in the imagination to that place.
The best part of life is when you find yourself and when that happens you’re only going to want what’s best for you, I promise.
Many people spend their whole lives looking to find their special person, their soul mate. When we really should be looking for ourselves to our true self, because life is only one and belongs to us and if we find our own self, we can live it fully.

I need to travel, on those sunny beach days
I need to travel to those evenings on the beach, where there is a quiet rain

I need that freezing cold, to feel that my soul is calm
Really, I need to find myself.

You deserve many days of beach a year
You deserve a good protector
And a sexy swimsuit.



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