Love For You From You

Love for you from you

You have to be happy from now on.
You have to realize that you really realize that life is only one, and that your life belongs to you.
You deserve all the best that exists in the world.
You deserve to see the stars shine in the night
You deserve to listen to your favorite song
You deserve to cry for a stupid broken heart.
You deserve to walk on the beach in the rain.
You deserve those winter days out the window
You deserve to let go of a person who does not make you happy
You deserve to be alone for a while and find out
You deserve to have crazy dreams and run for them
You deserve to kiss that guy you like just for wanting to do it
You deserve to give your love completely to a person who gives you his love

You deserve to go far and explore the whole world.
You deserve to go to electronic music concerts and dance your way, feel that connection
You deserve to be young forever
You deserve to eat that food you like
You deserve to exercise and have a body aligned
You deserve those rainy days lying in your room
You deserve that ice cream and that romantic movie
You deserve all those days on vacation watching your favorite series
You deserve to buy, those sunflowers that you like so much for you, and put them in a cute vase in your room.
You deserve to choose what you really want to do with your life.
You deserve to send the devil the whole system of life that does not make you happy
You deserve, think about what you like and do not please others on something you do not want to do
You deserve to allocate too much singing to all lungs those sad songs
You deserve to run into the rain
You deserve that summer breeze sitting in your garden
You deserve to love yourself completely
You deserve to be happy
You deserve to feel

You, you, you …


You are that arcoires, you are also those sunflowers …



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