A good day

A good day
You love good days.
A good day will always mean and as we already know about our attitude
We scream to love life but sometimes we get complicated by things so meaningless, and they become devalued when we remain philosophizing and we realize that we do not have to let that crumble our world.
A good day is a coffee in the morning is that cool sun that should not hurt us
It’s getting there early and focusing on whatever it is we’re doing, it’s getting home and lying for a moment watching that white from the ceiling of our room, and then turning on the television and watching at least a bit of our favorite series.
It is preparing your own food and enjoying the process, sometimes we get the idea that we do not know how to do something, or when we do, for example, our food usually realize that we hate it, but things could change, if you get home You go directly to bathe and listen to some of your favorite songs while completely wetting your body with water, completely freeze, freezing water. Then you leave that place you take your time to change, and then you download a simple internet recipe and you do not think about anything else, at that moment just to make your food and when you finish you will see how you enjoy it and it will be a starting point to give you Realize that things are almost perfect when, you dedicate the necessary time.
Often having too many different things to do disconnects us from our initial purpose, as we go crazy to finish everything fast, and we do not enjoy the present and we do not learn about what we are doing when we do everything too fast, and that does not end well most of the time.

You have to enjoy sleeping and getting up enjoy your breakfast. Enjoy whatever you do but concentrate and devote all your thinking to what you are doing in the present.
We feel that time is going very quickly, but as it does very little
We feel that time is fast, because we adapt to a routine that does not make us happy and we feel programmed and we also feel every predetermined movement, but you can feel different and feel that session of being living, just concentrate and Pay attention to what you are doing, and only in that way you can love to live.

I’m going to bathe with freezing water right now ….



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