Skirt clothes

Skirt clothes
I like clothes I do not have a definite style, nor do I follow seasonal tendencies.
When I like a classic jeans or a skirt or shirt from past seasons, I keep them
Because something you like for example a shirt with a design different from the current fashion or any piece of clothing should not be limited because you know the multiple uses you could give to those pieces.
Many people often change their wardrobe when new fashion seasons come out, and it’s something I understand as these people have their definite style, but often you let them go garments that you really like just because nobody uses them any more, and it’s something Which does not make sense.
Today I’m going to write about button skirt, a design that you know and maybe you even have one.
I love this style of skirt because I think it’s a classic.
We usually make the mistake of not including skirts to our style of dressing because many times we do not know how to combine them, and this creates a conflict with ourselves as we do not want to appear vulgar.

When you hear or see a fault in a manikin in the store that skirt you love, but you are afraid to use it because you think that you will have destructive critics depending on the type of society where you are but if you know how to combine this type of skirt or any other Style skirts you will love the effect they achieve on your body.
The skirt of buttons is a piece that without doubt, knowing how to use it will not go unnoticed but in the aspect of the combination of your clothes attracts attention, this type of skirts you can use them with shirts long fit to your abdomen and your arms goes by Inside the skirt, you can use a style of high but closed shoes or you can use your favorite heels depending on the color of the shirt that you use.

These skirts look great when you play with strong colors, as they create some contrast.
You can also wear them with sleeveless shirts, just that these shirts have to be tailored to where the skirt begins, because if it is a long shirt will cover your skirt and you will lose the effect you want to achieve.
You have to have one of these, because they have a lot of style.




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