Sweater in style
I like to see this type of sweater, I need them all.
I will always love clothes, I know we need clothes to dress obviously, but I also know that most of us love clothes and I am a person to whom my eyes love to see the details of the clothes.
You have to take away the idea that can be happening, very quietly in your head now, which makes you think that putting so much attention to clothes is a nonsense or, that people who really love to dress well, and have their own style They are empty people for paying attention to this kind of thing, and I will tell you that you are very wrong if you think so.
A person can love many things in life, he can love every detail that surrounds him. We need to focus on important things, and make important things that may be crazy for other people to make them important.

Because it is not necessary to reach when you are old and realize how you let things do that you wanted to do only because you did not want people to judge you. You can open your eyes now you can expire your mind from now, or fill you with experiences and power you. And specifically love the details that make you crazy, whether you love to read, or you love to write or you like art, or you gusted the days at the beach, or you love to eat hamburgers at weekends, or you like both shoes Or the clothes that you no longer have space to put more, it does not matter if you are a man, because many times the men love to dress well, but often do not usually put the approach that they want because they think, that is a nonsense. But you have to change that way of thinking, because if you do not you will be repressing your happiness, whatever it is that you like to do.

I know that I am explaining a lot and diverting myself from my initial title, but I need to explain why this is important to me, or because you have to let it too, this will absorb you absorbing the happiness that causes you something existing.

Okay, let’s go straight to explain the initial title, I’ve been seeing this style of sweater in photographs and I started to draw a lot of attention, because when you think of a sweater you think about taking the cold and nothing else, but when You like the combinations or what the clothes can achieve with your body things change completely, and I’m sure this style of sweater will charm you.
This is a sweater woven like the ones you see that grannies do, or pregnant women for their babies, with the difference that these sweaters have a lot of style and you can use them with your favorite, favorite jeans, aligned to your body or use it with a Jeans loose, with your want to use it.
These sweater tend to make very welcoming,

When you know how to achieve that combination with your jeans, you will want to have one of these sweater immediately.

The combination that you achieve with this style of sweater has much to do with the type of jeans that you use in my blog I have an entry about that which is called “Jeans to choose”
The entry is in Spanish, so I will give you a brief summary about what it is about.
When you choose a pair of jeans to combine this type of sweater it is a jeans that have a fabric that makes you believe that they will last forever, I adore I am crazy about those jeans.
So that you can guide and realize that jeans I am writing you can use examples of jeans from well-known brands such as, calvin klein, tommy hilfiger, levis, Zara among other brands. These marks I have just mentioned are very different from each other, but they certainly have something in common, the quality of their fabrics.

The jeans of these brands have certainly the best fabrics because with this type of jeans your body looks great and this style of sweater needs this type of jeans.
I’ll leave you some pictures of these stylish sweater.



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