Summer Ideas

Summer ideas
Swimsuits, Tanning, garments and relaxation.

I like the summer
I like the sunny days I usually enjoy when I am very far from home …
I am writing summer ideas now, ideas that I have explored and that I use when I go to the beach, ideas of how to spend some perfect summer days on the beach.

Idea number one: Plan your trip to the beach days before going on vacation, planning a trip with time does not make you stress when it comes to being in the place, as you know what to do.

Idea two: If you like beach photos, or you like the combinations of clothes I recommend you choose your clothes days before the trip, make your suitcase and look with the clothes that you choose sexy and great, I have an entry in My bodysuit blog and serious genia that you throw a vistazo as this garment is perfect to make a short combination, glasses and your favorite cap or summer hat. The garments that I recommend you to use are: Bodysuit + Short Short + Sleeveless shirt Colorful fabric dress + beach sandals beach dress balnco + your naked body inside the on the beach afternoon when you want to go out for a walk and you are taking care of all the Relaxation, sports shorts + sports shirt is very important that while you are on your beach days continue with your exercise routines and not those you do in the gym or in your class, I am talking about doing cardio in the morning, Or a long walk on the beach in the afternoon, or when you can is more recommended in the afternoon, you will enjoy your beach walk a lot I promise, it is important that you do that type of exercise because when we leave and we go To the beach or to any other place, we usually eat many things that are not healthy and we usually gain weight almost immediately, so for that reason it is important that you keep moving and take a lot of water Do not dehydrate.

Idea number three: Swimsuit, I know I love swimsuits, and the choice of swimsuit you want to use for summer days, it’s very important, I personally do not like very colorful swimsuits because they tend to opaque To your skin, and many times you do not manage to look coupled to the beach and its beauty because the colors wrongly combined in a bathing suit, usually ruin everything, so I recommend that you choose one-color bathing suits, and if you like The strong colors, then choose it from the color you like most, or a color of the grayscale of those colors that are off, such as olive green, gray, black, white or any single color that in an off tone,

If you want to use a bathing suit with a combination of colors which I personally do not like, but if you like them and want to look great with them try to make the colors in combination are only two or three, Contrast with the landscape, if you like the photos or you want to look stylish.


Idea number four:
I would love to tan, and have a tone aligned and perfect, but I do not recommend that you get bronzed very often because as you know, the sun is beautiful but it kills you slowly, in the world we are getting too far with the issue of pollution, such Degree that as you know, the rays of the sun are silent killers for your skin. But if you want to be in the sun for a while and grab a certain color, without hurting you I recommend that you use a high level of sunscreen, and that when you apply it you take your time. You can start applying it in the face with small massages until you make sure that your face is protected from sun block, then apply on the neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, abdomen, between leg, knees and even the last finger of your skin, when These apply it do it with patience and dedication your skin has to be protected, apply and before going to the beach, give a few minutes to the sunscreen to be absorbed in every centimeter of your skin.


Idea number five. Just relax
After your skin absorbs, the sunscreen, go to the beach and take your beach towel, or sunbathe on a beach chair, have your boat near water, and recline with your great lenses and enjoy the sound of The beach, if you visit a private beach, you will be able to relax, a hundred for sure since some private beach is not so much noise or crazy people, although it will always depend on the season.

ENJOY YOUR BEACH DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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