An idea for a style for your room

An idea to decorate your room in a simple and perfect.
Your room is your favorite space of the house, because you have there your own space and an order made your own way and you often change your decoration and not find a specific style to stay forever and never go bore.
It wants to leave you a unique idea to decorate your room, which is simple very economical and at the same time does not have a specific interpretation since it is alegante, is young, is vintaje, is the way in which you want to see it.
I spend a lot of time, in my room I spend writing in my computer, I spend watching television, I spend doing exercise, I spend a moment watching the afternoon in my window, I enjoy the rainy days when it is three in the afternoon and it seems very late, Step in my room, turn off the lights and put my favorite music and I’m imagining a crazy world before bed.
So .. Would not you like to enter your habitation, and see a unique style in it?
I know that we want that, and that’s why I want to leave you this idea so that you try to do it, obviously there are many ideas that you can use to style your room, but this is one of my favorites this is one that I think right now.


This style of decoration for your room is ideal when you have a lot of space and do not want to fill it with things, just want it to look simple and perfect.

If you want to paint it, I recommend a skin color, that off tone that is not white, if not more like a color bone, so most people call it.
The position of your bed has to be in the middle of your room, you need to buy a picture of a medium size, but if you want you can buy a bigger size, the important thing here is that the picture is noticed.
Choose a painting, you can tell a story, its colors are not very strong, and if you can get those paintings whose material is ceramic, but it is an option you can choose the picture you want.
Buy a glass vase, that vase will use it to put it right in front of your painting.

Very well, the placement of your painting will not be on the wall, you will have to put it just standing on the wall, the ideal way would be to place it on the wall that is where the placement of your bed ends, on the wall that remains Uncovered when you open the door and enter your room.
The colors you choose, for the sheets of your bed have to be off, the color you want but it has to be a shade off, for example olive green, wine red, gray and white, or a blue color off, you can Choose the color that is, as long as it is the tone I said,

Since in this way you will achieve a contrast, in combination with the other colors.
This is a simple and unique way of decorating your room, I would love to leave you a photograph so you can see an example, but mention that it was the only one? It is a style that I have been ordering in my imagination, in the last few days, but there is not much space in my room and you can just write it, for you to try it, and it would be magical to send me a photograph if you do.

By the way, you can put flowers in that vase when you can, fresh flowers and you will see even more great.


You have to make it HAPPEN !!

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