I was thinking of writing about this several days ago, I’ll put this in the category of “Well-being” and “kafme writing” because I have certain things that I want to write about in this, since different ideas arise and Different tastes with regard to the type of body that we dream or want to have someday and many people go for it and achieve their dream body, and that is not empty is to love oneself and want all the best for our being.
Many times, people want a better body to impress someone, or to look great on the outside, but if that is your main day you are completely wrong, since that is what defines and we label you think like this, think about that We want to improve physically by pleasing people is a very bad idea, maybe and that can get to do one of the reasons but not the main ideas. you know why?
If you start exercising, for the reason of wanting to please, then the exercise will not stay forever in your life, it will be something temporary will be like wanting to get drunk a while and go crazy just to have the courage to do what you want at that time, And when you wake up you will not want to do it again because of the hangover, but if you are going to enjoy a party and want to feel the highest point of going crazy in that place, then you will try to experience that experience, and it is possible that when you wake up you will not want to go back Do it never, because that something that damages us, but the difference will be that you will not regret having done it once. Then that happens with exercise when you want to change your body, the main idea of ​​most people arise in wanting to please others, then suffer at the beginning of exercise have as much desperation to achieve the body they want, they act in a way Wrong, start taking substances, such as supplements, proteins and others, and I have not said that the first two mentioned are bad, but somehow they are because they create a long-term dependency and when you stop using your body comes back To its initial point, perhaps toned but not as it was.

When you start exercising do it for your physical and mental health, do it for positive energy, for running in the afternoon and sweat that runs your body, do it with patience, concentrate do not tire yourself training until you can not do more, no , Do a routine that you like, try to practice yoga, or try out cardio routines, create that desiccine and get over time, and you’ll see that later you can not be a single day without putting your body in motion, last year Lei a book was a finance book, when I was about to finish that book,

There was a part with which I felt completely identified, the book was about a person who in real life is a successful man, and in that part said “There are days when I do not want to exercise, I feel lazy to go running , And I do exercise sometimes forced, but when I finish exercising I thank you so much for doing it, because I know it is very good for my health “BINGO
I know, that’s the same feeling that creates in me, sometimes we see famous actresses or famous singers or models, with incredible bodies and what surprises us most is that sometimes those people are over 50 years old, and we quickly think Which are the surgeries and all that money they spend on looking better, yes, maybe there is a bit of truth to that, but those people have an image to take care of their career and that is why almost all their life since starting their career Of fame, begin to eat healthy almost always, begin to exercise and take it as part of their lifestyle, and obviously the results are evident prolonged youth, because some famous never fail to have a healthy life, so take away the idea of The head that is for surgeries, perhaps some if they do, but if those people did not exercise would not be reflected with such a flash their physical appearance. So when you start to take care of yourself and exercise, do not think about it for a while and then leave it and then take it back, NO. Please by TI grab the exercise and introduce it forever in your life.

After writing about how you should handle taking care and being healthy now I will explain what I think about body style according to age. Many young girls today despair, to have more back or to have a more voluptuous body because they are so scared of self-esteem, they think that it will make men or that their boyfriend never leave them, it is okay to want to have a body like that But when you want to have it when you love yourself so much that you do it for yourself, but personally I think that if you are in your adolecensia you have to take those ideas out of your head, and if you really want to do it for yourself, naturally. Take any of those substances that are offered to you in gin shops, because young women who start to live, need your body to develop and you will be doing serious serious harm if you start taking that type of substances, Young and you want to start exercising you have to know what I think about that, because I have the idea of ​​wanting to guide you through my personal experience.

I am eighteen years old now, I started to exercise at ten years of age in the gym,

I was a year in the gym, then I quit because I did not like the way I was trained, after I gave up the gym I started with my routines at home and that made me happy, because I enjoyed exercising, I enjoy seeing my body thin And aligned, I have an entry in my blog about YOGA I recommend you read it.
I have several ideas about the type of body that a woman should have according to age, and thus look like a flash that is shining more and more as she develops her life, but the first thing you need to learn and do this is to have love own. When we are young like a woman, when she begins her adolescence, between the ages of 15 and up to a certain point, she should see herself with her natural body, thin and aligned, start doing cardio, exercises that you enjoy, exercises that do not leave you so tired, and Start making them calmly and according to progress make them with the intensity that you can, I at my age I want to see me thin, thin pitch, people who do not exercise and are thin do not usually look good as the legs that are thin and exercise and Are toned, there is a huge difference.
We have to learn every stage of our life, and not to want to grow up so fast, we have to live the present and leave some plans for when we have a certain age, in what corresponds to the body, a teenager is the top of youth, is When everything is working and perfection, and if you add exercise in this stage, you can leave it forever, do not despair of wanting to have a horny ass or huge legs, and see you with a body that does not correspond to your age, you have to To promote your process of growth, and to exercise for health, when I am 25 years old and maybe want to see me with more volume and that will be easy to achieve, because my body will be developed and the exercises I do, or if I start taking proteins or supplements, My body will accept it because it will be in its development completed, then I will be a woman completely, and at that time maybe and if I want my body to see more volume, a woman’s body because I will be one woman.
Now I am so young, and I enjoy seeing my body lean and aligned, I enjoy taking care of myself naturally, and not wanting to force my body to work based on gym supplements, or that type of vitamins, synthesized that promise us a lot, but really our Body is not yet ready.

Let the exercise be forever. I love you so much…..



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