I need them all in all styles and sizes.
The jackets were designed with a single point inical at the beginning of the history of the jackets and is to take away the cold, people who are crazy about the clothes we know the good use of jackets

The jackets are so special to me, because they make you look so imposing so sure of your style, the jackets cover all your arms cover all your torso, cover your skin when you are wearing them under your bathing suit.
Some days ago I bought a new jacket, and I bought it a bigger size and it was an idea not much analyzed, but the effect that I believe in that jacket was something that my dress needed, the combination that a jeans jacket creates With your jeans of which I recommend you in one of my tickets, is a delight.
If you are a thin woman, very thin tight clothes, it is not a good option to use all the time, if you are very happy with your body because it continues to use it that way, but if you want to be able to handle your body with clothes, First I recommend you to wear loose clothing to a certain point, for example when you buy a jeans that is tight and tight your waist of your legs, this will create a different effect on your body because you will be playing and aligning the style you have Body, and doing this kind of thing will be something that you will definitely notice and want to continue to use.

There are many styles of different jeans, I like the ones that are a deep blue jeans, the ones that are worn, I like black, and I like gray jackets, but lately they are liking the jackets with designs in the back , Because the colors in those letters or the designs create a contrast in the unique jacket depending on the style that is, you can use it with what you want, as long as you know how to combine them, and it will be simple since I’m sure that if you Like to have a style, own and you will have knowledge of how to play with the jackets.

We can use the jackets, to cover the sun, we can use them when it is cold, we can use it wherever and however we want, we do not have to put a limit if we love.


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest

Enjoy deserve to be hung in your closet, we are young our soul will be forever, we can untie and do everything that fills us, everything that makes us live, regardless of whether our ideas or our manias are completely different from the rest, only live!!!



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