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Finding ourselves

It is a good day today is a sunny day, but it is sad to know that I am not happening on the beach.

But I’m here in my room now, I’m writing yesterday while I was in one of my classes, I was thinking of writing, how to find ourselves, the idea has arisen in my mind for a long time ago, and still I have not found myself Because discovering us is something that will never make concrete, it is possible with time and with the freedom we give to our being, we find ourselves ninety-nine percent, but that one by the way will make us shred the Head since we are never happy forever, but I can write about this now because I feel that I am moving forward in finding myself, and so I can point out that situations or moments mark the life of a person to move forward and to be walking, going up trying to reach Up and power, to thank life for existing, or to be real human beings, to be able to not repent of our decisions, to be ourselves without even thinking about it.

To find ourselves, is not something simple, but even when the situations we go through usually make us think that they are predetermined, or are being equal to the situations of others, maybe not exactly the same, but something normal or something that already It happened to someone else, and even if we do not see it that way or even though we never think of it that way, it makes us unhappy because nothing is being changed everything is being normal and boring, but if you are a person who wants to find their own light, Own address, if you are a person who needs to feel alive you have to read this now, and try to tuck with a bit of my experience on this.

Our way of life, will never be perfect, we usually believe that the things we do, are things that others do, we think that going to get drunk, getting drunk is something that young people have to do in their youth, And I do not disapprove of that personally I think we need to experiment, and do what we feel we need to do, we know that our 20, 18, and other years have an expiration, we know we are not eternal here, but we also have to know, that all those Things, that mentions it is well to do them, when we ourselves feel to make them, not because we want to do them only because the others do it, if you are doing it or you want to do it for that reason you will not be living.
To find ourselves, to accept what we like, to accept as we want to manage our life, to find ourselves, to be 18 years or less, and to find more fun, stay at home watching a movie,

Is to travel to a place far away, from your city just because you have many desires to have breakfast, food from the far place where you go, because it sounds a little silly for others, they will also say that they can have the same food at home , But you will not only be enjoying the food, you will be enjoying the view of the place, you will be enjoying the details of the decoration of the place, you will be happy to be away from home, and you will realize that when in that place, these Waiting for your breakfast, your look will be very concentrated, and your mind will be directly analyzing the place, and just at that moment you will realize, that this place is marking you, is making you happy while you are there, and when you return home, And think of the things that make you happy, you will remember that place.

Because the moments, which mark the sad moments, or the happy moments, or the moments that burn, will mark you are going to make you want to return, and the other sad moments, you are going to want to analyze, and not return to them.

Accepting ourselves, is listening to that strange and depressing music, or that crazy music and nothing understood, is to know that it is something we like, and that it does not matter if others, they see it strange.

Accepting ourselves, is bathing for hours, sometime, just because we feel depressive or because the site is delicious.

To live is to learn and to know that broken hearts are also feelings of happiness, I know that you are thinking that I went crazy because it is the opposite but think this: When our life goes normal, study, going out with friends, our activities, our lifestyle To be exact, it goes in a normal way and that does not make us happy, but if it makes us feel unmoved, it does not make us feel that we are living, it only makes us able to lead a life, but when someone votes all your puzzle, Tranquility shrinks, brutally, and you are feeling all that, you do not know what to do, you are in a pleasant place, you are eating something delicious, but if your heart is broken, you are only thinking about it, your mind occupies all that pesamiento, Just a thought, and when creating this disorder this pain this chaos, from which you are passing this will make you crazy, this will make you lose your head, this will make you feel, then this will make you happy, You will be the power that has someone else you will be feeling your own power, to be able to want a stranger, a person who does not have a bond, forever with you, if not a shadow that would fade with the passage of time, will fade forever I promise. When you are feeling all that, and when you are gone,

When the balance returns to you, you miss a bit of all that sencion, and that will also mark your life, you will be discovering a little, again.

To discover yourself is to know that the people who bring you, friends, partners, families, all those people, have no space in your life, you have to get rid of them forever, get rid of them in a way in which, Your weighing your being continue with your life, without ever giving another space to people, who drew loyalty, because no person under any circumstances has the right to put in evidence, your essence as you were honest and sincere when reverlar, That you feel, no person has the right to harm you, and when you realize the importance of having to get away from this type of people, you will realize that once again you discovered a bit more of yourself, you discovered that your being can continue without these people , That your being can remain alone, and be happy, while life and situations make you meet people who stay in your life forever.

You will be repeating those songs again feeling.
To find ourselves, to learn to live as we want to live, is not to conform, to learn is to know that we deserve the world, is to return to those places that make us feel, is to return to those lips that tear us apart.

It is to accept the mold that we are, and perfect it, perfect it every day.
The moments, that manage to mark you are the basis for discovering ourselves, because they will be moments that will help us to know that it is really what makes us feel happy, and that is what you really do not want to feel or want in your life.

Acoplate this phrase that surely you have heard “He wants to whom he loves”
And just open your eyes and start to live, and send the demon all those fears, send the demon that loneliness that does not let you advance, dance music often move us to memories, music usually loves us.

Feel those years, you have and live them make them expire, years but you never have a date of expiration, because the existence here, have to make us exist in all places, at all times, throughout the universe, And what no one has even discovered.



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