I do not like the full makeup on my face, I’m not against makeup, I would never be because it’s something we have to have and use if it makes us feel comfortable, but specifically using it does not give me good, I think I do not I would like to have it in my face every day, maybe it’s because I’m a mess doing it.

I wanted to write today, about how great it can get to have lipsticks, among your personal things, is a very great idea for women who do not, we like to make-up, everyday but if we like a certain type of makeup, and focus Today are labial.

I like to wash my face very early, and then apply a moisturizer cream on it, I do it in the morning and before bed, it is very beneficial for the skin to keep it clean.

I like the lipsticks, the soft colors, and preferably the matte lipsticks, since these types of lipsticks have a high range of colors, you can choose a very strong color, or a soft color, whatever your choice your lips are They will look very nice, as the matte lipsticks make the liquid adhere to your lips, creating a very uniform effect.

A lipstick, can be used, anytime and anywhere, when you do not like makeup and take care of your face, applying a matte lipstick creates a beautiful effect, you must try.

Nowadays, the matte lipsticks have had a lot of positive demand, and I imagine you already know what I’m talking about, but what you have to know now is to use them, just to highlight the look of your face, without the need to completely makeup yourself , Using only a lip of your favorite color, will make you look much more beautiful.

To start using them, try using soft tones, and as you grow older the way you like to use them, you can try out intense colors of the ones you want.

Try them!

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