Nobody here, has a structured and unique concept about what it means to live, I think no one will have it when you are young, in fact I am thinking that nobody will ever have it, since we can not give a fixed idea, of what Means for us life, we can not do it because living is an accumulation of experiences, moments that change us.

Sometimes we get a certain order, or a certain balance of life, but when moments happen that can mark you, it feels as if your ordered life was a finished puzzle, and that a person or a bad decision take that puzzle, and throw it on the last floor Of the highest building, you feel as if you never recover the order you had, and this makes us crazy, and over time put back the pieces, only these pieces will be to put together a new puzzle, and that’s where we give ourselves Mind that we have no idea what our own life means.
And many times it is where we stop believing, and to do everything that others do, we usually call it “Something Safe”. Because to mature does not mean to stop dreaming, in fact to mature does not mean anything, since we have put a wrong concept to that, and being realistic to mature would be like: Stop believing in ourselves, stop believing that our dreams will be fulfilled.
People who know, and do not leave us a positive experience, usually take away some of our light, usually leave us empty, it is incredible how sometimes we make many positive ideas about someone we want to know, and then discover the truth, usually Also leave us empty.

And that is the strong, or the strong explanation because we will never have a structured and fixed idea of ​​what it means to live for us.

There is the ocean, there is the beach that is happy, that fills our life, and I would like all my days in that place.

Living for me means a lot of things, it means being alone and enjoying a movie, it means going to a restaurant and eating that delicious meal, it means being a real person, it means not repenting about my decisions, and trying to put my idea in my head, That when you meet a person, have an open mind and try to be prepared for their personality, and know that I have every right, to prefer to be alone if, that person lost the sense of what it means to live, to live for me to follow Working in my crazy dreams, is to never lose the meaning of life.
We have been told that every person is good at something, sometimes we discover it but for some reason, we stop trying, because it always hurts you to say, and I think you have read many times, that to do that is to shoot yourself.


To live always means many things, different for me and different for you, because the fact that the routine, and the way of life make people similar, we in our interior we know, that never our own being, will be equal to someone more.

Look for your meaning to live, look for it over time, you may never get to discover completely, but I’m completely sure, that your puzzle will be armed 99%. FIRST STEP BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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