Shorts Why?

Shorts Why?
Because shorts
That something that does not have to be questioned, would not make sense but I want to add them to my category of “Wardrobe” now because we need a lot of these, in a specific style or discover new styles and designs.
Shorts are perfect because they make us feel so comfortable, and our legs should love them.
A shorts not only is something, casual beach or something that we should only use per season, a shorts should be part of your style and should have the necessary importance for lovers of clothing, because clothing will be part of us in our whole Life, then why make it boring?
When we are young, when we are very young we usually love shorts because, they are very sexy and very comfortable.
But many times we are wrong in choosing these, and when this happens we can not look them right.
To be able to speak about this now, is due to the little experience I have had with these garments, that is to say before I had no idea of ​​which ones to choose, and this caused me to be looked at in a vulgar way, and arrive at this in a Suicide of style and fashion.
To wear a shorts is not necessarily to use them, with a short shirt or a tight shirt, knowing how to use the shorts is to combine them with any type of shirt in any season, of course achieving a perfect contrast will depend on the type of shorts.
You can wear a shorts, with a long sleeve shirt and smart shoes closed, you can use them with the incredible closed style shoes with a thick heel and thick strings, I do not know what his name is in English but you can guide him by the shoes of the timberland brand Those shoes, are usually incredible with a shorts, what I would never recommend is that you wear shorts with heels, unless the set with which you combine it is elegant, if you want to make your style has a presence.
I took the time to look for shorts pictures in pinterest to give you an idea of ​​what I’m talking about, and after seeing them I’m sure you’ll start using them correctly and great.
I’m not talking now, you wear shorts every day, but if I recommend that this garment is part of your style, so you will have days of comfortable looks, without seeing you out of style
I hope maybe someday, fill my closet with all these shorts, which appear in the photographs.

They do not necessarily have to be the brands that appear here, but you can guide them to get the idea of ​​what style looks to any lover of their own style.

Who else loves shorts?


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest



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