Current fashion

Current fashion

Honestly I do not follow fashion trends, from designers their designs are often not understood and are rare the people who use them, mostly are the celebrities who by obligation have to be at the last shout of fashion.

Many people do not follow trends, we let ourselves be guided by what we like and not by what is fashionable. I can say that I, personally I do not follow fashions, I can say that I do not follow them in their entirety, because many times there are clothes that I like in current fashion.

Lately we have seen that trends in fashion, are falling more and more, because it is very rare to find a trend of different fashion, now what they do is redesign some garment, for example the jeans are now also broken from the back, the Silk pajamas are used as normal casual clothes, and this is what makes me think that fashion is barada and stagnant somewhere, and I can not blame all the designers of this, since currently people follow trends Fashion celebrities, and celebrities are not designers, some dress them up and others dress as they want, and something out of the ordinary in their clothes attracts attention, and they no longer see it ridiculous now people see it as a new proposal Of fashion, and I want to think that it is because it is the unique thing that these people see.

Some new ideas, I like are somewhat classic something that maybe people of the past saw those clothes because they are ideas created and breathed in past times, and most of these people who make clothes, do not mind creating something new and study What people like, and they only do it for sell see something of the famous and already take different models of that idea and they sell it and this is how the originality is lost, earlier this year in the United States women came out Women, and women with normal lives, all came together to defend their rights to the ideas of the new president of the United States, these women came dressed in shirts that said “Feminist” but I want to clarify, that these women are people who They know what this means

These women are in the fight and they know how important it is to defend their rights, but that does not mean that all women in the world are committed to this important cause, to be a FEMINIST you have to change and stop doing many things, feminism Is a social movement, to validate that women have the same rights as men, and that no one is better than anyone, Feminism is equality, and since this is the concept women who call themselves feminists and fighters for the cause, this Has to be one of the focuses in your life, being involved in the struggle and being involved is not necessarily going to a march to be involved is to support other women, is to make respect our rights in a job, is to dare to do everything We want to be and not let them put limits, is to support us.
And after writing what I understand as a feminist, I want to clarify why I wrote it and that has to do with current fashion, after that turmoil in the United States automatically all the clothing stores, took shirts with this word “Feminism” and Most shops only did it for selling, without even supporting some institution with the funds, or joining the fight and what is worse, without even knowing what FEMINISM means. Now it’s easy to see women who have no idea what this means wearing shirts with this word, just for FASHION.
And this certainly makes us think, the way fashion is falling. And the trends of celebrities, or the crazy and senseless ideas of people who are not designers, are valued in today’s fashion.

I will leave some pictures taken of pinterest, on current fashion trends, I want to say that these clothes are very nice and I like them, and they are not being widely used around the world for now, but this is what there is, and although Are garments that we have already seen in the past, and that these are only modified, you have to conform or if you like the design of clothes, launch your ideas and give the world of fashion something that takes something completely different ….


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest


Picture taken from pinterest




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