Clean face

Clean face
I thought, add this new entry to one of my categories that is called “Ideas for you” and I want to write now how you can take care of your face very simply and practice something that funsione.

I know that many times we lose our heads to being cheated with chemicals, which offer us restore the skin of our face and make it perfect in a matter of minutes, it is really sad to know how people just to earn money recommend chemical products that neither they themselves .

I will give you several tips now on how to take care of your face, and give you my lamp of light that has enlightened me in this specific subject, that is to say what I have experienced what has worked for me.

To begin with, I will advise you not to despair of patience and to know when using a product will make you see results, just think of the following the fact that you go to gym one day does not mean that same day you will have your body dreamed, The same thing happens with the care of your face you have to be constant and patient.

Forget about using makeup at all times, I understand that makeup is an art and how it helps to look more beautiful, but the makeup ruins our face if we do not know how to use and if we want a clean face we have to take care of it 100%.
I want to be clear that natural products are the best of which do not cause any damage to your skin, the chemicals have the advantage really is no advantage but being so desperate not see it that way and that its function is Very fast, depending on how strong they are but are really toxic to our skin.

Nowadays there are places that offer natural products, such as: Soaps, skin creams, oils of silver or fruit, everything that has to do with nature, and you have the option to try these products and realize the Difference they have from chemicals.
If you have a lot of space in your house, or if you live in an area where you can easily find the materials to make your own natural products to take care of you can do it, in Youtube there are many videos of people who make natural soaps, creams these people take advantage of The amazing gifts of nature, and so you can have healthy and healthy products to take care of your skin.

What you should do to have your face clean, is to buy a natural soap can be an oatmeal soap, or a cinnamon soap, you can see one of my entries in the blog that is called “natural” there you will find all the details about Of natural soaps.
In the morning when you wake up you have to wash your face with one of them, then dry with a kleenex towel these towels that are really clean and soft, after You have to apply a hydrant cream that you can also buy in a place that sell natural products, you have to wash your face in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed, you can do it after exercise you can do it as often as you think you need it , Since the natural products will not cause any damage to your skin on the contrary, these have no limit of use.
Do not forget to check my entry “Natural” to see details of natural soaps, and so I can finally test them.



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