Sunny day

Sunny day
Sunny day at the beach
Hey! I had my sunny day at the beach and I still feel a bit of that relaxation.
No, they were long days of beach but the little time I was really happy there, I was happy since I started the trip to the beach, I put my favorite music playlist and my imagination was floating, I was preparing to relax.
I followed my own advice to apply protection on every inch of my skin, and I could lie down on a beach chair and listen to those shimmering ocean waves and that air crazing my hair.
When you are in that place away from everything and everyone, it gives you time to reflect and organize some ideas.
I was thinking about how many things I want to learn, and how life passes so fast, as one lets the present pass so quickly without realizing it, and when you are in wonderful places you realize the importance of the present, and I really admire To people who dare to leave their society, their lifestyle and risk everything to go out to the world to explore and live for real, maybe we all need that to be able to live for real, we need to take over the world by exploring it, daring to Make them happy to be truly free.
A sunny day on the beach, you can change many of your ideas can make you think new decisions can make you fly for a moment.
And I need to fly, I need to LIVE



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