Living man

Living man
I’m writing right now in a day where my window lets you see how off it looks and that cold a little disturbing of the city, it’s a rainy day is a day that I need.
I went a couple of days away from the city, I went to a quiet town and in those three days, I only used my phone for calls, since I removed the internet for those three days of my phone, and so I was able to enjoy my present and share With my family, when you outdated yourself for a few days from the outside at first it is a little disturbing, because it gives you anxiety to know what happens, and in my case it is not necessarily about what happens in the lives of people I know, Are news, trends and what happens in the world that is what interests me, but what I try to tell you now is that disconnect from social networks, exactly disconnect from the internet for a few days, not provacara chaos as we think, The internet as we know, save the information and we can update later. So now I start to write about what my title “Living Man” means. Those quiet days I had, were like waking up again, because I felt that the hours lasted longer and the day lasted an eternity, but in the best of the senses. On the way back while we waited for a bus to return, we were waiting on the road and at that time a car stopped, and we recognized it was one of our cousins ​​who works as a tour guide in one of the Mayan cities in Copan Ruinas Honduras.
And that man we did not see it a long time ago, because he is a person with a different concept of freedom, and is not someone you can find in one place, since he likes to explore and live seasons of his life in Site. That man is really alive, and living without any limit, he has married many times and has been divorced many times, he has traveled, has become drunk thousands of times, he has run out of money in his pockets many times, and he has Filled again and without complications many times, he has been a bad person, and he has also been a good person, he has had days of being drugged to the top, and he has also had days of reflection and want to balance, he has Sent to demon the equilibrium achieves for some days in his life, and returns to have different days, he has renounced many jobs, and has begun in others, he has loved for a few days a woman, and then he has felt empty , He has realized how extraordinary it is to go crazy for a person and then feel nothing, he has learned that in life the only thing you can have with another person is not a crazy love and passionate for a lifetime, he has learned That the only That exists between two people forever is healthy coexistence, is knowing that you do not need anyone else to feel full and quiet he has learned that coexistence and wanting someone and being able to be happy forever with someone is to feel that peace and To feel that silence, is not to say a single word to that person and even so to feel calm, he calls that healthy coexistence he knows that it is the only thing that can exist between two people and that it can last forever. He knows how happy he is when he is driving, he is listening to his favorite music at full blast, and how years and experience have made him not lose control in his car while, going crazy singing that favorite song, Knows limits, he is not afraid to die, he has nine daughters so far, and he has had them with women who manage his life in a balanced and wise, he has said that he wants to water his blood just because he wants to do it , He lives every day of his life as if he were the last one, he blindly follows that phrase and unknowingly says “Life is very simple but we insist on making it complicated” CONFUCIUS Chinese philosopher, he is the author of that phrase.
I met a Living Man and it was really exciting to hear it, and to write about the just now.



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