Restored skin

Restored skin
Yes, I will tell you today how to cure your skin
You have to know now, how important is the care of your skin every day, and exactly how it should be seen, and the mistakes that we usually commit starting, not knowing that the skin has to take care.
We do not usually give the proper importance to our skin, we usually think that it is important to pay attention to sunny days on the beach. And by believing this, we apply chemical creams with extravagant odors, which only damage our skin and do not remove the dead cells. The skin is our external appearance, and not only is our face and nustro acne, it is all skin, when the skin is poorly cared for, it is usually seen without a uniform tone, and you do not usually realize that color exactly is the complexion of your skin.

Now I will tell you what form you have to take care of it, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of all products that contain alcohol, alcohol dry the skin, and makes it look without softness or luminosity, if you like the marks of certain Products that are not completely natural, and sometimes come in a mixture with plants, fruits or any natural matter, you can use them but noting that they have more combination with ingredients that you know, and you can use them. Second, you have to start taking lots of water, so that your skin is hydrated, and so it is ready for when you want to give it a little color, if your complexion is very pale, when preparing your skin, Best blocker you can find.

After bathing use a cream of your choice guiandote for the indications that I gave you, but if you want your skin to be restored in a healthy and natural and with better results, I recommend using a coconut cream, and a natural bath soap Roses, or other ingredient but make sure it is natural, you have to see my entry “Natural” that is in the list of entries in my blog, you have to see it because you will know what to use if, it is that you want to happen to the natural .

Right now you have to undress yourself, check your skin and if you do not like what you see, in the aspect you see in it, start to take care of it. I swear that later when you find some stability, to be taking care of your skin, you will start to see what you did not like about it begins to improve, like cellulite, stretch marks, and others because with proper care and with time, everything will be better. I promise, when you start to take care of yourself, when you climb a step in something that you changed to improve, you’re going to want to keep climbing more steps, and that’s where you’ll find out how everything works, and how everything aligns.

And I promise to write about each step in my category “Welfare” So let’s start NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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