camera vintage

Instax mini 8
A dream, real.
I wanted to write about this camera, I wanted to get everything about this wonder, and to be able to explain when my desire to have one was born, and because it is important that you have one, I can tell you that it is a good investment, I am sure that the renumbering you will get By the camra, will be something interio to you.
The first time I saw these cameras, and not the model I bought but if the idea of ​​taking a snapshot, and natural, the camera instax mini 8 I want to clarify, that is not an analog camera, it is a camra of instant photographs Which was an improvement over the past years, was like an evolution to improve, speed and privacy when taking a photograph and have it almost immediately, but I can do a bit of comparison with the analog camera because these cameras take a Photography and can not be edited, or distorted, then this creates something authentic and as I subtitled a dream.
The first time I saw this camera, it was while watching a movie called “My boyfriend, is a Zombie” in a part of that movie, rare romantic was when in the scene where they were in the ruins of a house, And she took a picture of him, and after seeing that, I said that I wanted a camera of those, I bought it online since those cameras are sold in certain countries, and for people with business, and of course technology and Cameras that exist now, do not make the business of these cameras profitable. People who like photography, or people who collect, something that has to do with photography, this camera seems to be something fun and something unique, and for this reason a camera instax mini, is a beautiful piece that we must have, Because in our life important things happen, when for example you travel somewhere, and it’s beautiful you know that you have your phone or a camera, but you know it would be even more beautiful, take a photograph with this camera, since the colors in it are More profound, and more significant.
You have to feel this.

So you should try this camera, and it will be unforgettable!
I’ll leave you here, the link of the Instax Mini page, in instagram, so you can check the photos and encourage yourself, and you’ll love it. GREAT!

Link, Instagram Insta Mini Mini Take a look


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