We seek answers, questions often accumulate like a pile of pieces of puzzles ready to be armed at the table, we will never find immediate answers, and is so unconscious of part of life, wanting to experiment to know those answers, because not all read Questions, are usually looking for good answers, sometimes they are as dark as our true thoughts towards people, but we have every right to seek and find, and we also have every right to stay with our stability, and the ideal of life that we imagine Time ago, when we thought that we just had to grow up and do what our family expects of us, to start owning something and letting them take over us, we are so afraid of people, not a fear that they are going To do us harm, and to suffer, this fear of which I speak is a fear that we will never accept, since it is the fear that people think that people will say, and bas E we act like those people want, and they do not need to say how they want us to act, because the experiences of other people close to us make us want to put that stop. I think we still do not understand that we own ourselves, that we will never own something or someone else only ourselves, and we do not know and we do not want to find out what that means, but I am sure that if anyone here knows it That means a really happy person, because to be the owner of your life, is a meaning with an infinite number of things, is to leave everything and start again, that is to say what you feel, is to have your own meanings and have your own ideas , You do not need to think or believe that a year was a failure in your life, or that you have not achieved something that is important for you, and let that drown you and remove that light that you are directly or indirectly seeking, Because only with the fact of going through existential crises, is a sign that we need to find our own light, you do not need to think about the next year will be better, because if you let that address you, you will never grow inwardly, and by So never chambers That puzzle of answering those questions, we do not need only a direction in life, we do not need a fucking plan, we do not need to be floating and feel nothing, we need multiple directions, some that lose us more, and others that feel safe again , But that all these directions are connected with only one, which would be, feel the owner of our life, feel that we find what we were looking for, that it is not something material, that is not another person, that we are going to find, is That life, ours belongs to us and that we are managing it as it fills us, as we want, that does not need to be similar, or equal to someone else, who only needs to be like our entire being, feel alive. We have to know that all that is needed to start over is daylight.



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