T-shirts now

T-shirts now
A new entry for the category “Wardrobe” without a doubt and I hope it serves you a lot, and somehow you can guide you to get and assemble as you want these shirts.
I spent some time in the nets and buying some shirts, which every girl wants in her closet, right now.
Yes, I am talking about those photographs of beautiful models with t-shirts that seem to have come out of the most famous fashion film, and that are unreachable, these shirts to write now, are shirts that you can get in stores online. It is very well, that when it comes to dressing, or going to the shops of our place is a complete mess, because we do not like, that there are many beautiful and repeated clothes in those stores, and when we see those photographs In instagram of shirts with a yellow background, or any color, with a floral print, or something that we never imagined would look good, we certainly want it, and we disappoint ourselves when we realize that it is very difficult to find those shirts in the Local shops, and for some strange reason, people who are dedicated to selling clothes from the internet, are often wrong and do not bring gifts that we really love. I like these t-shirts, which I leave in a kind of series of photographs, here in this entry, the pinterest with the idea that you see, the coolest t-shirts of the moment, which are simple but achieve a unique touch, and combining them With our best shorts, jeans would be perfect, these shirts we love, because somehow remind us, that the fantastic is not in extravagance, or in excess of makeup, or excess of sequins in some clothes, how fantastic is in what Simple that makes you feel wonderful, and that when wearing them with any jeans or with your favorite, know that you will achieve a great combination. I like the details of these shirts, I like their drawings, and like some shirts with sleeves they achieve, that look sexy without ever seeming exaggerated. I hope you take a look at these shirts, and leave me a comment which was what you want right now !!!

Photos taken from pinterest




Blue sky with some quiet rain




Music in my heart and in my shirt






Music in my heart and in my clothes


Music in my heart and in my clothes


Music in my heart and in my clothes


Yes, breasts




Desert, fashionable


A classic tommy shirt


A classic tommy shirt



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