Hair Secrets

Hair Secrets
My blog says perfectly in its description, which is based on people experiences, and it is all refers to everything you can imagine, to what I have discovered so far, and I hope to write in this blog everything I can discover, and to share it .
And today I’m going to give you a secret that will stop being a secret, from today and therefore if you consider, experimenting to leave dusus, plates for the hair, dryers, strong chemical products, and in this way to recover your hair, and pass it To the natural way, regardless of whether you have already changed the color or not.

The first thing I want to clarify is that many things that we do in life, usually start as proof and error, in fact if we start to investigate the great inventions have been like that, since the great things are not simple to do them happen. When we surf the internet, or ask a salon expert, we can do to recover our hair, they tell us to buy a whole line of hair care at a super high price, but convince us that it is our only option, and many Times when we buy these products and realize that our hair is still the same, we give up and go almost all the time to the beauty salon, or we become experts in using the hair iron.

When the question to how to restore our hair, we make it to GOOGLE, this finder gives us many articles, in which you recommend some specific shampoo, or homemade ways to make them, other articles tell you how often you should wash your hair, or A lot of things you can not understand.

Now I want to tell you, how I amhave the subject of my hair, and as without looking, he does not generate any lio, the first time I decided to change my hair color was at sixteen, and was a mistake, because in doing so Once you have to do it forever, if you want a uniform color, otherwise you would have to experiment differently, and I have not had the courage, but still with that chaos that seems something completely broken, make my hair be Soft, and shiny without the need for a product line, just making the shape simple.

First, I will not recommend a brand of shampoo in particular, I’m just going to tell you what kind it has to be, to begin with we will use a balancing shampoo, which is for all hair types, let’s use it with an acodicionador, of the same brand That you choose, and that is also equibrante, we will use the shampoo, and when we wash our hair, we will do it with soft massages, trying to rub it with our fingers without hurting it, then we will only apply in the tips the conditioner, we let the water I set it free Of shampoo, you are going to use a towel to remove the drops of water, and then you go to comb it carefully, when your hair is dry, I do not want you to frighten and think that it does not work and that it stays the same, and only because peisnes that Again you will never make it wonderful, without the need for plates or other, so you do not have to give up. If your decision is to continue experimenting, you will perform this same procedure twice a week, that is, just wash your hair twice a week, and keep it loose, all day after washing, so that your hair regenere, And once again the road in which it must meet, at first it will be difficult to assimilate it to look faltal, but with the days and the discipline that you give to this procedure you will make very rewarded, and you will leave the hair irons and dryers forever .
I hope you try.



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