Update yourself

Update yourself
This is fun, writing is fun because it brings out many things that are stored inside you, and you select and order them in very crazy categories, I decided to make this blog to write about my personal experiences, in the categories that has my menu Blog.
And every time I write here, I feel very liberated and healthy, sharing some experience, that you can start practicing to improve or to add something new to your life, this blog is not just to talk about me, and that I work, or opiono on some subject, this blog was created, for the same need I had many times, when I tried to look for something to read and learn, but in words that I often did not understand, and I could practice, so I hope That every post you read from my blog, or if you choose a favorite category in this blog, help you discover and be able to make them part of your day.
This title that I put to my entry “Update” That word means: Update you. It is not that you change your true self, it is only better, and this title may mean updating in many things of your being, but today means updating your hair.
Hair for us women is like our sense of face shape, what we project on the outside, and it is so important to take care of it and change the look to how you want to do it, so that you can play with it and refresh your hair , sounds great.
Yesterday it occurred to me, to change the color of my hair, I had done it before, but for a good time I walked with my natural color, but yesterday I decided to update my hair, step from one color: Light brown, to a color Gray, A gray with green tones, and honestly yes, it is an update that you can notice. Now that I have that feeling, and when I see myself in the mirror I can understand many things, that we go unnoticed, wanting to improve, is great, wanting better in your classes, or your dance, or your hair, or your clothes, or In learning more, or whatever happens to you, is something that will always be gratifying, and is not changing what you are, is to update.
At present, there are many new styles of colors and cuts for your hair, you can try and feel fabulous, I was looking for looks and I loved all, I would like to be forever young to prove myself, all cuts, colors and shapes in my hair, I want to emphasize that it is very important that you take care of your hair, that you give a rest and if you change the color it is important that you use the right products, so that your hair is healthy, and taking care of it and looking natural, with brightness without need Of plates, dryers and others, it is possible, and to guide you better, read my entry called “hair secret”

I’ll leave you some pictures, of the current styles, which are a PUMP in case you want to update your hair, and look younger and brighter than ever.
The stars of the sky, are something beautiful, you can not touch, but if you can imagine that you do, the famous stars, they are not the only ones to look spectacular with changes, the security is in yourself, and every person here in the Earth, we are a star in anything we like to do, we just need to be able to get the brand new sparkle, and shine.

Pictures taken from pinterest ↓↓↓


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