Music elevates us, and makes us travel through time, when we hear a song many years ago, makes us remember and feel for a certain amount of time, something that happened to us just when that song was very sound. We are so eager to find new sensations, those that do not involve alcohol and drugs, I am eager to discover them all and be in my five full senses feeling them all, and music is an ingredient of life, so that all the scenes of our life Take color, it’s like thinking they are all black and white, and suddenly when you remember them with a song, that scene starts to make all the sense and you start to remember and smile with your headphones on, wherever you are , And that makes us want to find new songs that reconnect us, because the songs that combination of letters and sound makes us identify, artists often write and sing about their life, they usually take everything they feel and turn it into something generalized, to Make us burn and burn in some way, and break our heads wondering how we can connect, and pass almost the same as a person we do not know, and So is what makes a true artist.
The song that can get to connect and make you think of you, or someone for whom you lost your head at some point, can lift you up to the sky, connect the headphones to your phone, or be somewhere where that song is ringing Very strong, can make you smile so much, no matter how cruel the lyrics, or how sweet they are, because we just want to feel we want to dream and remember that we once wanted the world and we thought it was possible, but for some reason that moved us away from Our true path, and that makes us die and keep breathing, and keep ignoring it, but the songs are all those colors that make us feel, that there are all the possibilities to achieve what we want and that we can start to find that path that ever We leave, and when the song ends and we return to the sound of reality, we are blind again, and that is something that kills us again and lets breathe, and ignore it, but thanks so much to those i Ncreibles artists, to create that natural drug that is music, to make us believe again and once make us wake up and free, to remember that every detail of this life have some meaning, and that we have the obligation to make us happy because we are alive.
I like to dance, I love to think that I do not care about the times when my mistakes burn and burn out there, because when I’m dancing that electronic music, it makes me smile and lift up to the sky, and it does not matter Those crazy movements, or that people are perplexed looking at you, or that people are as crazy and desirous of sensations as you, since at that moment when I am dancing I just want all my thoughts to meet and dance them alone, and be by That moment in peace, electronic music makes you close your eyes while your body is releasing through movements and is where you send the devil, everything that is wrong everything you can not control, to lose you in that moment with all your crazy You can feel a different peace to its real meaning, and it is something that only you understand when it is happening and when you are feeling that crazy music that shoots your head, over and over and over again.

A person can not be indeterminate with the music that another person listens to, they may like the same sounds, but never the same songs and same lyrics, because all people are different, I want to think that that is still there, and when you recommend A person the music you like in some way you are stripping with that person, although it is so rare to find someone who understands, but that suits us or not, it depends on why we want you to listen to our songs that we love, so That’s something important, because it’s a wrong idea to think, that those songs are going to make the other person feel like it makes us feel.

I came here to write what music means to me, and I ended up putting my playlist, and I’m moving, and understanding that we managed to connect with the artists through music, because we are all human, and to discover and want to feel is something that We have in common, what happens is that the real artists. They let it out for the whole world, they’re getting free and I brag about it.



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