Yes, epic skirt

Yes, epic skirt


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Photography taken from pinterest


Even I have not defined my style, as time goes on, they are the new clothes of the past style, that are coming to light and that are driving me crazy with emotion.

Long ago, I thought skirts were synonymous with being exhibitionists, but I’ve learned that all that depends on how you wear it, and how you can push that idea away if you know how to do it.

Pinterest is cool right? It is a guide full of tastes, colors, all kinds of things created in photographs, that drive us crazy.

The skirts, different styles are a delight, they are comfortable and sexy when using them on a sunny day, a day when you want to go for a coffee and an interesting talk, or a day in classes with that cafe in the university, to be able to look Your long legs in style, we usually ruin the combination of skirt, when we wear shoes with high heels, and designs that are a horrible madness.

The skirts can be used with tennis shoes, sneakers, thick heels and squares, those are so comfortable and you can look taller.

I’m a lover of clothing, and how you can play with it, and I’m looking for my own style, but at the same time I do not want to, since I love dressing as I want, I do not like to follow fashions, but I like to define the things that I’m crazy, and you have to try them, and make them part of your style, we can do it.

I will leave some incredible photos, for you to decide, and look for this style of skirts, and enlighten your wardrobe with happiness.



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