Directly to category “CLOSET”
We are eager to identify ourselves, to find what we really are.
You can google it and want to search for you through thousands of text
But, it is never precise is never exact, and will never be because each person has his unique code.
What you can do is read this and make it easier to understand.
Style looks for something that identifies us, and in this case is “Fashion style”
I am crazy about the clothes, I think I make it clear, with my category “Wardrobe”
To find our own style, is to have a million tastes for the colors and shapes of the garments. It is to select which colors we prefer more, in which tones and in which seasons we like more in stronger tones.
Buy any garment, from the most economical to the limit you can, regardless of the brand, or whether it is fashionable or not, what is important is that you like it and that just by seeing it you can make a thousand sets in your head, because clothes Is so funny because it is combinations, strong colors, or soft colors, or dark colors, are all combinations that you imagine and want to look.
If your idea is to find your own style, the only step for this is to select and combine your clothes, with your shoes, to be able to wear loose clothes with style, or clothes fit in a sexy and great way.
When you find your style and definition, that style can accommodate any season.
I’m not a fashion freak at all, when I like something I try to make it part of my style.
The style has many multiples, categories and is everything you imagine, some clothes are so crazy, designers are real artists, and although many times we do not think of wanting those crazy clothes of catwalks, we have to learn, that when a person Achieves his own style, you can design if you want, the craziest thing you imagine, and at the end of it is auntenticity.
I have the category “Closet” where I write about, some garment I have used, and I give my tip of view of how great it is, and give some ideas of how widespread we can use them.
You have to do part of what you like, what makes you crazy, and it does not matter if others, would never use the idea here, is to find what you define, and what defines you and generate something different, will be what Belong you.




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