Happy why?

happy why?
it’s crazy, madness.
I could hear that happy pharrell williams song, and smile right now, although the puzzle of happiness is more disarmed than ever.
I told someone, sometime that we had the obligation to make ourselves happy, every day, and I know it is crazy, because I also think there is happiness in the days when it hurts to breathe.
there is no guide to be happy forever, to do all things well, it is not something sure to lead us to happiness, nor to make all the bad decisions, and it is a crazy incomplete theory that gives us life.
But I’m sure that when you lock yourself in your space, and you listen to that music, the sensation returns, and you ask yourself the crazy question of why you spend so much energy, your time in pretending that you have everything under control? I want to have a balance of life every day, but I also like when emotions are allotted, and everything is a scary disaster.
It is so important to feel alive, it is so important to give us the world.
We are not perfect, and we know very well that, we always seek answers and it is so interesting to do it, people often surround themselves with people who do not want, just to not feel so alone.
I know you do not know your way of life, and maybe you find yourself in situations that get out of hand, but reasoning and decision making afterwards is incredible, sometimes we do so much harm doing the things we think we do they make us happy, but only break us, bad madness is good for a while, but not forever, real happiness is a combination with peace, seek it and do the impossible to stay.
and now right now, I feel that happiness because, I realize this again, and when it wants to get lost I’m going to put it in my head again, to feel live over and over and over again ….



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