Food, healthy forever, please!

food, healthy forever, please!

I am begging myself to be faithful to that phrase of my title. Two years ago I included exercise as part of my lifestyle, and I never want to leave it, because the feeling that leaves me can not explain with the correct words, I exercise four times a week, and until now I had not thought about the important thing which is to take care of what you eat, and do not talk about starving or just eating green salads. I am thinking about healthy food forever, the lifestyle we all have, it is very different from each other and I am aware how difficult it is to pay attention to what we eat, or even enjoy it, because many times not really, we have time , and the healthy food already prepared is very expensive, and these factors have a great influence to disappoint us and lose control over what we eat. I read many articles about healthy food and there are millions of them, and sometimes it is very difficult to convince because we think it is impossible to prepare these meals, and even more have the time to do them, and the worst is thinking about leaving the pizza delicious and juicy that is inserted in our tongue and we explode the palate because it is delicious, or leave the burgers that combination of meat, cheese, and some sauce is so rich! and I accept it. But because what we like the most we do so much damage? It makes no sense, but it’s the awful reality, no matter how much physical exercise do, if you do not change your eating habits may not get fat but the skin often suffers from celulites, spots, which gives us junk food. Well, after reading all those articles for a long time, and still not being able to control my food, I started to reflect on what I’m writing now and ask myself Why are not we able to adapt ourselves to take care of everything let’s go to our mouth, at least try, if we get used to it, to the uncontrolled junk food, not to get accustomed every day to food that will make us look shiny skin and exquisite abdomen? I started to think this, and now I can say that I am taking care of what I eat, and there is a guilty prize, but delicious for this new update of improvement for ourselves, and is that we can choose one day a week and on that day eat what we want, it will be a guilty pleasure while we get used to our new style of feeding, and when you see your naked skin in front of that mirror of yours, you are going to jump of the emotion, because we will be combining the exercise and the feeding. If you have a hard time exercising, try whatever it is not necessarily have to be exercises, heavy to begin with. You can do half an hour of yoga,or go for a walk or walk in the afternoon, you can watch videos of youtube and choose an easy cardio routine, and do that every day until you are ready to raise your intentions to the exercises. I am sure that a person who loves himself wants the best for his being. And we can try now, take care of what we eat, and become lovers of salads with avocado, fruit salads, cold drinks prepared with fresh fruits, and start learning incredible healthy recipes, on the internet we will find a million recipes, and this way we update and be a better improvement than we are now.
Do it!



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