Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala
Freezing, delicious ….
I do not write, about places I know, only when the place is inspiring, and I want to get everything out of that place.
Antigua is a place so far from home, and you feel it, not because of the distance of location, I felt it because it is another culture, other people are other landscapes and another environment, it is completely different. The places that come to produce that, I get more desire to want to continue living and the desire to want to discover everything.
What most unpopular of Antigua is how their culture is still alive, despite how the world is advanced, an interesting fact that I learned is that in Guatemala in general, native people of the place as being say their descendants of civilization of the place are those that have a lot of influence the decisions of the country, and that is so incredible since in Central American countries and many other countries, who dominate the economy, decisions are always other countries of the first world, and that Guatemala it’s somehow unbelievable, it’s incredible.
But I will return right now, to continue writing about Antigua Guatema Anigua Guatemala, it is about two hours from the capital, and you totally enjoy the journey to the place.
Antigua is a beautiful town, it is large enough and small at the same time, and every place is art and has its own legend. The resturants have a design so authentic and the food is a delight completely, the people of the place are very intimidating with their looks, their eyes tell you how their home is a true art, its monuments preserve, its history through the years, they look old but they are stronger than a rock and huge, the houses all have balconies and beautiful flowers. I love flowers, when they are not cut, their colors are beautiful. Take lots of pictures of those blacons. The place where they sell handicrafts, is decorated completely with photographs of the people there, and what the natives make is beautiful. In the streets there are people painting, and I could observe how they have everything perfectly prepared for their festivities. The weather is a delight, we walked through the park and it was a sunny day, but the sun did not make you feel hot, the sun was very bright and it felt very cold, and that feeling made me feel more alive than ever.
You have to know this place, it will disconnect completely from what you already know, and you will begin to discover and discover, I would have loved to be able to stay more and more days, to discover every bit but the short time that I was, was something that I will never forget , and I want to return and feel that it is to stay one night in that place, because its sunset was perfect the yellow tones of the sun, make contrast with the whole town, the trees all, and see it like this and still feel even colder is something I will never forget.
If you go to that place hire a guide, so that I explain everything about each stop, and do not miss the group, I get so trapped in the place that we lost for a while in the group, and it makes me feel bad because I wanted listen to everything. And I hope to return that my plans return to be able to me in that place and to absorb everything and to want to continue seeing, deseria to be eternal and to have all the fucking money, to lose me in all those places.
You have to go.


Thorns is balcony


Flowers flowers and a parked car, and a photograph with beautiful colors


Arco de Santa Catalina


Flowers decorating balconies


Fridas restaurant in Antigua Guatemala, completely inspired by Frida Kahlo


Flowers decorating balconies


View up to the arch of Santa Catalina


Our guides of Antigua Guatemala


Fountain in the park






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