crazy life

crazy life
life neither yours nor anyone else’s
I find myself at a point now, where I do not understand where I am lost, the things in which I believe are undoubtedly still intact, but the things that I believe to dominate and to know are scattered in tiny sequins of colors, and I think I will never be able to rejoin them all and create the sense between them, and for some crazy reason that is liking me, because it is contributing more blocks to discover me and apparently discovering yourself is an infinite path and you can not lose that way, no matter how the ideas turn to fall apart.
There is no perfect person for you, there is no soul mate, there is no complement, the only thing that exists is the decisions and what you really want, and what you want will never be exactly what the person you want to be in all your life want, because even when they tell us that time is the best to discover and to strengthen a relationship is a complete falsehood, because as I wrote to ami seem a life a person is a changing infinite, it is like walking a path and being in the same way, to think that all the hindrances are overcome, and a crazy day you make your look back and the road that you had already traveled completely, but when you understand it, you appreciate the time you were there, and you appreciate the momentary calm and thank you for thinking that you would be happy and thinking that you have found a safe space, but suddenly you find yourself in the open weather and you hide in the starting point wanting to find another safe hole, and q Do not let life get lost and lose you again.

A promising and structured future is not a reality, every day that a decision dawns, a situation can erase it and you have to start again. And you do not understand, you do not understand the point where the base of that structure collapsed and everything is completely broken, and you end up listening to old songs that now make sense, and you do not have the guilt, nor is your environment , in fact the fault is nobody’s, not even if your judgment is healthy or lost, in fact every day when waking up is an unexplored field with new faults, and it repeats itself and repeats itself and the day in which you manage to understand it I want to think that It will be when you learn that you are only you and the world. It’s a crazy life, but okay, it will be fine, as long as you love your mistaken decisions, I think we are all guilty, when those decisions are not consciously taken by us but the decisions that lead us to the chaos of the colors in the sequins , are decisions we make from our own judgment, then everything will be fine. If life were not a crazy life, we would never learn to live, in fact we would not be human we would be like a kind of programmed computer where everything we are going to do and what we do is programmed, and the taste of life would be lost.



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