Striped Pants

striped pants
Yes, yes, yes, I love it
I’m super crazy, they’re really beautiful
are elegant, cover your legs in style and are a scream right now.
You can put them for any occasion you know …
They are so beautiful that they do not matter are something that will always look good.
And they are not a basic black and white striped, they are red stripes with white, or white on red background, or a white on blue background, or a blue stripes on a black background, you can be in the color you want and you are you will see great, the only important of them is that they are with stripes and a colorful, strong, or pale background that I love.
Buy one in Zara a few days ago is a black with white stripes, and I would have made it so happy to find a different background and different stripes colors but it does not matter, even the most basic striped pants is a real treat.
Right on this day I’m writing these tickets these striped pants are starting to become fashionable little by little, and is slowly rising to the top, and although it is possible that they become so popular and then again forgotten, not they will remain in my memory, because they are unforgettable for your body.
And if you super crazy you stay and already, you leave it there in a space in your closet, and one day you use it with a great wallet and colorful sunglasses.
What I like about these pants is that they go to the waist and that gives the feeling to the observer that you are taller, and to the people who are more alatas sure this pants will be his new best friend of style.
I was collecting several pictures in pinterest, to give an idea of ​​how to use these striped pants, and if you do not convince those styles of the photos you can wear them with the shirt or blouse you want and achieve a symmetry in your body and go crazy that huge mirror you have in your room.
I know that the current fashion does not have many new designs that we can like, and maybe that’s why the people in the middle of the fame turn to bring back the last garments combined with current garments making fashion and good taste, and the own style continue swimming in the ocean of fashion and most of the people find us more great these new combinations.
Look for your striped pants, and lick it whenever you want and add this new piece to your closet, and it’s part of the “wardrobe” category in my blog now.


photography taken from pinterest


photography taken from pinterest


photography taken from pinterest


photography taken from pinterest



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