Baby I Love You

Baby I love you
I never want to miss what I have thought a million times and I am sure that I never want to get away from the mess that I am myself. I love every part so confused of life, I usually compare my life with a happy happy song in another language, since it is something similar when you sing a song that you do not understand, it makes you feel and imagine a million meanings, you do not understand nor one word, but the song produces everything, I feel that we are all connected and not just because we are human beings, I think we are connected by all the times we laugh, every time we cry, every time our plans come down, and all those times when you think that everything is completely broken, and all human beings go through that in completely different situations, but those emotions are connected with ours, and that is why we should be good people, just people, and remember our own pain and our own happiness reflected in different ways in the life of a person with no knowledge as well as that happy or depressive song in another language that we do not understand. I love you baby, it’s something I tell myself when I’m smiling very happy and something in my environment is making my heart start to beat very hard, I want you baby is something I told myself when I was crying alone for a few days because you killed what we were and what we would be. I love you baby is something that you have to tell you when things go very badly and you feel like wanting to die, you have to embrace with all your strengths and create new plans and new movies in your imagination of a life with the result meanings and your plans made and all those new bases that are being built to support you and make you stronger have to be of a new material stronger than iron, and for that to happen you have to remember what you are what you were and what you want to be and want to be with the greatest intensity, freedom is not in doing or proving to others all you can do, leaving our free self is a meaning so deep and simple to understand at the same time, because those keys to open the door that I directed to freedom you have them, and open that huge door and go out and run and run and run away from everything you do not want to be that you would hate to be those keys are inside you, and many people stay locked up for you always because they are very afraid to run away, and they are trapped in everything they hate of other people, they end up behind that same locked door, they end up there forever and I am now looking for those keys since I realized that those keys are my decisions the decisions you make and direct you to what you want to be. I love you baby kafme…..



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