the illusions create a brilliant diamond ring you blind and is to fly and be at the same time with mental stability. In life we ​​know many people and when a person attracts us a lot of illusions are born and they create that person as the biggest star shining in the sky, it is not a mistake because the illusions give you a momentary happiness maybe and it becomes error when you remain in illusions forever, even when that person is nothing like what your mind imagines.
stay? if I want you to do it for a few more moments, I want to feel the flame of fire that ignites and makes me feel that sometimes it is worth living in a world of routine and dull dreams because when I see you in the eyes it makes me feel that I’m not so lonely and I can feel another kind of fun more quiet and more crazy at the same time, and I know the effect will go away with time I know that maybe one day I’ll call you and I’ll tell you that I do not want to see you again, I know that soon I will realize your true self and that is going to disappoint me, stay while I continue floating in the illusions that creates my mind, I will not love you I will not die for you, I do not imagine a life forever with you, in fact I do not want to be trapped in a person’s life and to see it every day of my life I think that’s depressing, what you make me feel or the illusions with you are only seasons of happiness, I think I’m making my life great when you make me smile and you make me feel full for a moment I think that the only thing I honestly think when I say “stay” is that idea that you have made me believe and what you are and what you want to do I want it to stay in my mind that you stay there as an unforgettable happy memory, I know that you do not understand it but what I want to say is that I do not want to know yet, what you really are, in fact I think of wanting to go away when your personality is discovering itself and you are a disappointment I want to think about that I am going to walk away before that happens and so you will stay so intact and real in my mind, because you know honey that I no longer believe that an ideal person or a person who will save me from the loneliness that makes me feel I believed that I had solved my life, because it is in complete weather I’m still barada and I do not want to walk to any place because I do not want to be wrong, I’m in the open but I do not feel it like this when you hold me while I’m naked. Stay there in my sporadic intact thoughts you’re all that I would not, but I do not care and makes me happy I do not mind because I need this crazy mental direction to forget. Stay



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