Ocean waves

Ocean waves
I like the movies maybe I do not have a genre yet defined about them but yes. I know that I like some scenes where they are very well worked and you can almost smell the atmosphere and disconnect from all the reality of it out there, and it does not matter the movie of the genre that is if it makes you feel that is a good memory. I’ve seen some movies that have been recorded on the beach and you hear the waves of the ocean and the sound that birds make, listening to that is calm is also reflecting the waves in the ocean are very close and the wind makes them work wearing them and creating that authentic sound that is part of nature, I’m not writing now about what the ocean waves are, but I wanted to give a little meaning because the name for this post is something that I like because it takes me in the imagination A few seconds to remember that sound and a bit of that view, Nobody wants to lose the sense that we give to our life at some point, I do not want to stop imagining or stop being myself, maybe and I’m afraid of many things, but sometimes I think that human beings really are discontented beings, since the desire to realize a dream or to fulfill all your goals is like the only thing you feel, because we are so concerned about reaching all of them and even so we do not feel happy, or realized I do not know. Sometimes I just think about wanting a more peaceful, non-routine life, I only think about a life where material things are not so important, having that tranquility and feeling alive, I think some of that is for my father, our relationship has not been very communicative, but when I talk to him I never forget a single word of our conversation, I think it’s because he lives in a way that no one is used to, he is a really admirable and wise person, and I have a lot to learn because The most significant memories of my childhood are where my family is from my father, I remember remembering my childhood with them as a current movie but in which the theme and all its characters tell a story of the past without technology only to live and where life was about important things that were felt, I do the comparison of a current movie with a past theme, because technology has evolved therefore the cinema has better equipment for to make those films and in that way you see it with greater clarity and appreciate every detail of the clothes, the houses, the cars, the delicious landscapes, and the important topics that were talked about at that time, and just as I usually remember my childhood the seasons that were so short with my father’s family, where every day I learned something new Something important, something that I can never forget and in many of my dreams are all those scenes, and that gives me a lot of nostalgia, the good news is that soon I will meet them at Christmas. I have my own philosophies of life I do not want to lose them, I do not even know if I want to change them, because sometimes when you discover the vanity of the people of most people it’s scary that it will infect you, because when you are in that world you do not give tells how lost is the true reason or the true meaning of life, I know we get older every day tend to go faster and no, we realize because, and we feel empty and without explanation and that makes us vulnerable and forces us to deviate from our direction the authentic where reason and feeling dominates your life. Day hours minutes seconds are the same are the same length, but often feel that pass quickly because we do not learn or discover new things and that creates monotony and the monotony is what happens all the time and you do not realize and where we blame the time. I think that creating new philosophies and trying to live with them is to learn is not to fall into monotony. The waves in the ocean work all together to create sound and reach the highest peak and that creates a sense creates something beautiful something that means something important, I think that create new philosophies of life polish them and know that it did not work of the other that already It is old, it is to have several and work with all of them and in this way reach our own crest the highest and thus find our function and create our own important meaning of what we are and how we want our life to stay, find the point higher stay there, and then continue higher and in this way create a sequence with new learning and have control of living what we want all the time and if, you can find I am looking for it and my pesamientos are like waves running in the ocean where each small ridge is important as practice and so get some day to the highest ridge and have control.
Waves of the ocean.



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