Make Cardio!

Make Cardio!
The only definition of physical exercise the only important definition is “HEALTH” that is enough motivation. Many people start with the main idea of ​​exercising to have a sexy body and having that motivation often combine exercise very badly with diets that do not go with your body type, because each body is different and what works for you is not Something sure will work for others, there are some diets or general types of exercises that if they can be applied to any type of body such as the “Cardio” the cardio has a general approach that is for the whole body, and the best known is to leave Half an hour in the morning or in the afternoon or anytime you can during the day to run, put on your comfortable clothes and select a depressing playlist, or crazy, or something that you do not understand but that you feel motivates you, it’s crazy but Some people with songs with sad lyrics have some motivation for us. I want to explain that when your main reason to think about exercising is a sensual body, it is a mistake since many people, being motivated with this idea, begin to take supplements or non NATURAL proteins and I can say it because many times although in the ingredients of some thing that we consume we know that is not a sure thing, and since I joined the exercise as part of my lifestyle more than two years ago, I have never taken pills, or proteins, or supplements of any brand. I try even though it is difficult to look for proteins and vitamins in food, and when I talk about it is because over time and as you discover little by little you are adding natural improvements to what you eat and what you do and I swear that there is no better way to start taking care of yourself than making it natural, because that way the results will be safe and your body will adapt and improve to the things you do and you will have security that you will be doing well. Currently many people are influenced by people who are not profecionales, and follow their exercises and their diets without consulting a real profecional, and that is why after some complications come with health and everything becomes a problem. There are a million articles on the internet, when you read them, try to find a meaning given by a professional with regard to exercise, and start taking care of yourself and doing it well.
Think that it does not matter if you are so thin because your physical condition is so, you still need to exercise to keep your body muscles in good working and connect the exercise with your mind and to feel that kind of happiness. I know that exercising can be tedious at first, and it’s hard not to demand too much at the beginning It starts with easy exercises with low impact, cardio has many approaches, but there is one especially called cardio general, which consists of going for a run and combining it with walking and running in that way you will see that over time your body will I’ll get in shape, and you’ll decide later if you want to add another type of exercise or stay alone with half an hour of cardio a day. Because I know some people definitely do not want to or do not see any kind of exercise, but walking half an hour a day is a safe relaxation, or running for half an hour while you listen to your songs. You have to take care of yourself you have to do it because it is your image you are here living today! Do not you want the best for you? Look healthy, also absorb experiences and keep them in your mind combine everything that happens in your lost or balanced life, but be doing well, I think that when you take care of yourself and when you do it right, when you do it natural, when you forget the chemicals When you exercise and you have spiritual strength and physical strength because the result of your firm body is based on physical and mental effort to demand that you have to want the best for you, I think that when you achieve that mental state you can achieve whatever, because that way you will be adding more good habits to your life, and you will start to shine with your own light. Today there are many people who exercise and have a firm body, but many of those people are not doing well even though it looks good, because when taking supplements, the body gets used to it and the effect is like inflating a balloon, I imagine that You know what I’m trying to say. And I recommend that you take care of natural things, and do not be part of the bad concept that is arming about physical exercise, remember that physical exercise is any physical activity that improves and maintains the physical fitness, health and well-being of the people.
make cardio!



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