Sweet baby

sweet baby
I like flowers, I like their colors so intense and other soft colors, I like the simplicity and at the same time the authenticity of nature, I like to see flowers when I see photographs and they are in nature so they should stay part of the nature and if you want some day to give flowers, give them alive so that they grow in some outdoor space of the house.
Drink sweet, this title refers to the simplicity and the authentic I think I thought today about this, because it is part of the things I prefer and give meaning to many situations in my life. I wrote several entries in “Kafme writing” wrote one that is titled “To meet” and in a fragment said “We have been told many times, that all people are different and authentic, but when we know people we feel cheated, deceived because we realize that the majority of people we know are the same as the others, which do not inspire us or we can not see the difference “This little fragment is something that I think about the people that are known in our environment, I would like to have a super power that would make people never lose their authenticity, but it is impossible for us to do it and the only way to make people have confidence in themselves and let their personality out the only way is to change ourselves first, changing, ceasing to be what we do not want to be. Appreciate life from another perspective our own perspective. I like nature I like everything that belongs to nature, because all nature itself although it is not the same a bear to a plant this bear belongs to nature and their difference between these two beings make a complete authenticity and they have their place in nature and the world. So we should be humans, let our own meaning of life flourish, our own ideas, our own tastes, and live with them and throughout life go around us people who make us see from another perspective different details of life, and in this way learn and go putting more blocks to our own personality and emerge more higher and better understand our environment and everything we want to achieve. A few days ago I saw a video on facebook about some people who call them “hippies” before when I heard this word I did not know its deep meaning, and I’m ashamed to say that I thought of “colorful people drugged and lost” But after seeing that video I started to read what these people mean, the video that I saw was entitled “The last free ricon of the United States” which is located between the sonorous decirto and California live A group of people who lived completely free, and that place was not controlled by the authorities, after watching that video I was thinking many things, but the most important and the one that marked me was that after that video, I did not return to think about the same concept of freedom that I had before. Hippies are free people, who see and live their life in a very different way I think that somehow they live life with the true concept of freedom, this group of people travel anywhere in the world to meet more people to meet, to discover and clear maybe there is something of debauchery in them, and debauchery is perfectly that is the bad freedom, but if you think about it, each person is free to do and to discover and if this person lives in debauchery and knows that debauchery is self-destruction to their being, this person is also free in his own way because it is his decision to live life as this person wants, and to see that video and realize what freedom means where there are no laws, where it is not important the clothes you wear, or how much money you have, or your crazy crazy dreams, where there is no society that tells you how adults should be, or how we should behave. I used to like to think about wanting to live in the United States, for being a multicultural country where freedom had a small space, but nowadays that is no longer something I want, as the United States with its new president and its new laws , they want to put an end to this concept of multiculturalism, and at that moment it is where I question the bad point of the human race, before the human race wanted to discover new things to learn to evolve mentally, respecting different groups, different tastes, different cultures, and different people, but now I’m afraid to think that the end of the human race, when the world ends different cultures, and people want to stay in the same society, doing all the same, and I think the new technologies are leading us to that path, but for my theory to come true I think there are many years left, and I want to think that I can still enjoy and know the different ultures. Sweet baby is something I think when I see pictures of maybe colorful flowers in soft colors, or when I see photographs of people on the beach, and those pictures are a complete art, I think that simplicity is what gives rise to the incredible because it is like having a white canvas and having a single color on the brush, you can paint something and as time goes by, you can go looking for other colors and creating something authentic, in this way you will never forget the color of the base, the color The main color, how you were when you started and how over the years you were discovering new things, new directions, new deviations without sense but learning, and in this way to structure a strong personality, and to be able to create something authentic something incredible, only one color and one canvas. I do not want to give up, no one wants to leave behind their true dreams, but the constant battle is with people who never managed to identify themselves, know who they were and these people are those who want to stop us, and make us think that we are really crazy about wanting the world. A person an adventurous soul told me once “When I decided to go away from my country of origin, I did not think about it, I just did it” I asked him because he had not thought and he answered “If you think about it a lot, then you do not do it” And I think I interpreted it in the right way, he wanted to tell me with those two phrases, that in life people are very afraid, to our dreams, we want to think about going far away to be happy, to discover if in another corner of the world , this is our true sense of life, if in another country very far is that person with whom we dream, or if in another country is the loneliness that you enjoy, the world belongs to us belongs to the way we explore and discover, but the people who have been responsible over the years, “Organize” the world, people, different countries, or society itself, I’m sure they did a very bad “Organization” because I’m not against the laws that limit other people to being bad s people, or the geographic limits that order the places, or the names of countries, or restrictions to maintain order. Of what I am against, is the other part of the “Organization” the cosmo, the hypocritical society, the restrictions to know the world, the money itself that qualifies you as “poor” or “Rich” of the people that despite having their pockets full of money, or enough to end all the mess they left when wanting to put together an order, I am against that, because that “Organization” that “Order” is what has limited us, It is the one that makes us think about how difficult it is to realize our dreams, it is the demotivated to many of the things we want to do, but the only positive thing that I think about this, is that when we achieve in this world, or in this our only life our true dreams, when we achieve them, will have the greatest satisfaction that will travel like blood in our veins, and we will be able to feel what it means to live.
Sweet Baby.



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