Flying high

love flying
how much I want to explore how much I want to discover to lose myself in every little bit of time and feel and hear my breath in the same tune.
you are like very cold water refreshing me these are killing the heat you like the heat a lot? I know how much I love it, I like to float in my thoughts I get lost in an ocean of thoughts, and you seem to understand it seems to like you as much as me, people when we are ourselves sometimes sometimes call us “crazy” crazy have strange tastes because we like to maybe go crazy and dance like crazy with an electronic song, that’s the idea of ​​letting the sound release us, or simply being naked in my room with the lights off and letting in a little light the light that produces the moon, be there at that moment thinking many things, or put a depressive song but that makes you feel a rare happiness. Youth does not last forever without a doubt, I do not want to question myself in the future if I’m doing it right now, and not just wanting to explore it outside, also explore myself. The days tend to go by so quickly, they usually do not have any sense, you usually want to do many things, and you just stop to think about all of them and you do not want to start. I like that feeling when you start doing something new. High in things I do not understand, and high in things that I begin to understand and like, it’s like a state where you feel like floating in an ocean full of dangers but you leave all that aside and concentrate on that float that keeps you alive, you look up and smile at the sunset, life is like that on many occasions. You seem to understand it, you seem to see it so I want to think that you are also flying so high and not thinking about the fall, thinking that everything will be fine. The birds are so powerful in their flight and so fragile with their little being, the birds will be fine they fly high they learn, we hug tightly and fly away?
The sensation of the sun when the day is slightly lit and the temperature usually goes down and get cold the combination of that is something that makes you feel calm, maybe life could always see it from another perspective but it gives a little fear. Sometimes you can appreciate the black and white the two colors together, they tend to give you a focus on what is important. The lights in the streets when it is early morning and there is no one that is also delight makes me remember many things that had no meaning before. We can do a self reset every day do not erase what you are just do an update. I do not know if I will have congruence in what I am writing right now, but it is these words that I wanted to write today while I listen to music that makes me Reflect and think about new things while I’m moving my head from left to right, and let out my fresh pesamientos and write them down.



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