I want to breathe freedom

I want to breathe freedom
It’s a bit late here and I always try to sleep early because I hate the dark circles that do not leave you when you wake up, but tonight I can not sleep peacefully in the country where I live is about to face a civil war because of the corruption on the part of the government, and far from being afraid, what I really feel is admiration towards all the people who go out into the streets and have the courage to defend this country that has finally awakened from what has been ignored for years. When I was very little seven years maybe I asked my grandmother Grandma, what’s the name of this place? and it was where my grandmother explained to me about this country and about the many countries of the world at that moment something happened inside of me that I could never forget I told my grandmother Grandmother people go out and know all those places? and she told me no, that most people did not know all those places. After listening to her response I became very sad because I told myself that I could not die without knowing everyone but when you grow up and realize that society puts labels on you, and that money buys places where you can go , and that you would have to win the lottery or work all your life and still not be able to travel all over the world, and besides that time passes too fast when you grow up and it is very difficult to find or feel that you are really living, when you grow life ceases to have its shine and struggles struggles to not stop believing in all that you believed when you looked at all those movies or read those books or looked at those photographs of incredible places or when you just listened to a song and you were traveling, write about this reality is sad, but I struggle every day to work slowly in everything I want to do, in expressing myself in saying what I think what I feel I want to say in remembering. This year I wrote a book and I want to say that there are fragments in which they are very deep for me, and that make me remember myself and to feel that is to believe with more intensity. Today a few hours ago I took to the streets and joined the protests of my country to support and defend the place where I was born, and when I walked in that crowd I felt a new feeling that I had never experienced, I felt full of pride to form part of the history that is being created in this disturbing moment of the country and I felt very afraid to die, the protests reflected with violence the despair and the anger the anger and without doubt the injustice of a whole people tired of being humiliated, tired of having to live and work to pay taxes which in my country are used to pay a life of luxuries for the people who govern us,and for their close people who support a corrupt government. It feels as if we were in past times, and that the only thing that has changed is our way of dressing, of speaking, the infrastructure, and all those things that are only the outer surface, it feels as if we were in the past times where they struggled to be able to be a little more free, to vote or to study, to be able to do many things that we now do, but this time it feels as if we will always be in struggle for something, it feels that the technology that the exterior surface will always change over the years, but the only thing that will not change are the bad people and the bad influence they leave for future generations, that some people will always want to be on top of others and that they would not mind doing whatever it is to achieve its bad objectives. I want to breathe a bit of freedom I want to at least be close to feeling it. There are many things we can ignore and move on, but a situation like what is happening in my country is something that no one can ignore. How many centuries have to pass so that the whole society gets bored of being bad about being hypocritical and thus trying to change the system and now if trying to be happy? Why do people have to suffer and go into disgrace for something good to happen? Why is life unfair? Is that how you understand life? One of the windows that we can break and go out and feel freedom breathing is to be brave and begin to express ourselves and start being what we really want to be.
The current heroes are those who come out with courage to protest against a system full of injustices, those are the true heroes who do not mind dying to defend their country and all innocent people, the current heroes are those who do not they allow themselves to bend and do not care about the dangers they may face. Because these heroes exist and will exist forever and in the generation that is in history and their hearts can stop beating their bodies could become ashes but the footprint left will be indelible and that is one of the ways of being immortal here in this life .



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