First day

first day
Freedom had never been so far away as now
I’ve always wanted to go away from that and never return maybe and in my plans it has been doing it some day and that one day I hope it will be soon.
In the country where I live there is no freedom, you can not walk freely through the streets or run feeling that feeling of inspiration and desire to live, to be able to go out and run has to be an area where there are police officers nearby, It even seems that wishing to have freedom and being able to go out for a walk or experience a sunrise on some mountain is like wishing to win the lottery.
Yesterday, in all the newspapers, the suspension of the institutional guarantees was declared from 11 o’clock in the evening until 6 o’clock in the morning of today, and besides that the government declared that it will be this way for ten days from today, starting from 6 in the afternoon and ending at 6 in the morning. The government of the country is doing us a lot of damage and has been doing it for many years, but now it is doing it openly. On Sunday November 26, 2017 elections were held in Honduras, a civic party in which Hondurans went to the polling center to vote for a better government in which in this case is the free Alliance after finishing the voting It was announced that the opposition had won the free alliance and that the Honduran people had voted massively for Ing. Salvador Nasrralla and thus be able to end the current government that has done us much damage. Monday at dawn hours gave the percentage for which almost had won the Ing. Salvador Nasrralla (Free Alliance) The government and its secuases did not accept this verdict and trampled the decision of the Honduran people and today almost a week have not officially declared who is the new president of our country. In view of this situation, all the Honduran people took to the streets to protest and demand that democracy be respected, and the government, far from seeking peace in Honduras, yesterday dictated the suspension of institutional guarantees, leaving us in complete fear and taking away our human and social rights. the freedom of free expression. In these moments in which I am writing this, it is at ten in the morning state in which we are not in curfew, but at six o’clock today we will re-enter curfew and the suspension of the guarantees institutional It is very sad to see how a group of people are in power that make up the government that are Hondurans, can do so much damage to a country, and the people never imagine that people who have the obligation to move the country forward, defend ourselves from loving your country and your people, can now do damage and even kill people who do not agree with that. The day is sunny and you can hear the noise made by the cars and you can even be confused that everything is quiet and everything is returning to normal normality where a people are silent so they do not take their lives because they already stole their dreams, their money, the government has already been robbed until the fear of the whole town has been stolen until the lives of many people. But as I wrote, it is not a day where everything is going back to normal, it is a day where people are making big lines in supermarkets buying food to go and stay in their homes with the fear that thanks to the suspension of the individual institutional guarantees do not get into their house to kill them or do much harm, because that is what the government wants to sow in the Honduran people, very afraid and panic. But this country is already tired of being humiliated, and is tired of having to break their lives working and living in a way that is not worthy a way that no one should live, the people are already tired of not being able to dream of realizing that the only reality of the country is to be able to work hard to survive, that big companies take advantage of the physiological needs of people and that on that basis they pay a miserable salary, and the worst of all is that people who have children here the highest percentage of Honduras that represent very poor people, can not inspire their children to dream and fulfill their dreams because the reality that has lived the country for many years is a reality that can not be hidden. Today in the year 2017 the Honduran people got tired of that miserable life, got tired and went out to give their vote to a person who stopped ignoring the situation that was brave and was not afraid to tell the truth to the national and international media, this person who stood up front before a tired country and said “I am going to order this country, I am going to clean up and all injustices have disappeared, to the full weight of the law to all the corrupt people, I am going to defend and I will take this country to a real change “this person who had the courage courage to provoke and remove the fear and blindfold of the Honduran people and give hope, this person named Salvador Nasrralla made us believe that together we could make a positive difference for the country, and for that reason all the Honduran people went out to vote and elected president. But far from the government to respect the laws and recognize the new president of the country, has created a chaos in the population and unleashed something that is feared to be a civil war. Pray for Honduras



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