A Woman Can

A woman can
I do not consider myself a feminist woman, and it is not because I feel weak before the opposite sex the reason why I do not consider myself a feminist is because at present the true concept of what it is to be a feminist has been lost. Its original concept is to be a strong woman a woman with freedom to make their own decisions, is to be a woman capable of doing what a man can do, is not being labeled as a weak sex or a superfical sex, is having the same rights that a man has is a fair liberty and equality between the two sexes is justice is equality, and when that movement was created women achieve the right to vote, to choose careers of study that before were only allowed to men, we achieved to be able to live under our own decisions although that has not yet been concretized to one hundred percent, since at present we are still victims of discrimination of the opposite sex, of the society itself. That is the concept that I understand by feminism, but I do not consider myself that way because nowadays that concept has lost originality, women now want to fight for things that are not important until they have almost lost respect for the feminist movement, and in this way the interest and support and the unity that could be provided to the real women who struggle every day in demanding their true rights and who are overshadowed by the bad concept that we have today about feminism is lost. Last year, for example, the fashion world, as some important brands began to create a feminist movement by placing phrases of “Feminism” in their clothes, the initiative was not bad, and it was not an economic failure for them, but a failure for women fighters to make them respect our rights, since those garments were so “famous” and not for their meaning if not for pure publicity, such was the case that many women began to wear this shirt, without even knowing what What does “Feminism” mean and of this making that word become something of “tendency” and for that and many reasons more I personally believe that the true and original meaning of “feminism” has been lost and for that reason I can not auto tell me or say that I am with the feminist movement of today. But I am in full support of the original feminism that as I wrote in the beginning is to fight for our rights and demand professional freedom and freedom to fulfill all our dreams, to get rid of the stereotype of just getting married and having children, to men or women. society itself stop labeling us as a chain or a cycle that repeats itself and repeats itself and that cycle is dictated by those people, the feminist movement the real one, asks unite and fight to get out of that dogma. I wanted to write today about
“A woman can” because in these last days I had one of my first experiences of discrimination towards my sex, and it was something that made me feel so helpless. The experience was not direct, but if someone did tell me in detail, I will explain that it is so they can understand.
I am currently studying a career in the university, and in my study plan is to take several kinds of numbers, and I must confess that the numbers are not my strong point because I think I had a certain trauma when I was in school, I remember that in fourth Primary grade began to explain the divisions and I did not understand any numbers, since I had changed schools and in the previous school was very bad education, and I moved to a better school, and I was so stuck in not understanding the numbers I learned all those basic operations because they were classes that had to happen but it was never for interest, and in school it was the same I had to learn mathematics to be able to advance in my studies. When I entered the university I had some fear because I knew that I had to take classes like algebra and calculus etc. And retired introduction to algebra for three occasions because I literally blocked myself mentally when I was in class, but this year I had to put that kind of introduction to algebra to be able to unlock more classes, and then with much fear and stress began to receive the class , I have spent a lot of time learning and I think I have achieved it and discover that when you concentrate on something you can do it. The engineer’s surprise was so great that I discriminated unjustly without even knowing beyond the Katheryn I am after leaving the room. A colleague to whom I have confidence told me that the day I did not go to the class that engineer had said that I was the highest score in the exam and I was surprised that it was such a surprise that he had to review the test twice to check before his eyes if it was happening, if it was real that I obtained the highest rating. The engineer asked the whole room or rather told them that Katheryn had taken the highest notal and that he was completely surprised. Some of the room asked: Who is Katheryn? and the engineer answered “Katheryn who looks like a model, which is very nice” that was his answer. And you who are reading this now think, but that was not discrimination that was a praise, and I do not blame you for thinking so since you’re reading the part where it says only “it’s pretty” and maybe if I did not listen or analyze things more in detail, maybe I would not have noticed, but if I was discriminated against because he did not know me I had labeling only as a pretty woman, thinking that it was just that and that’s it. The society qualifies the “Pretty” women as something empty and superficial like thinking that they are just pretty and they already do not think or have big dreams. People seeing a “Pretty” woman exercise and stay in shape, immediately label them as superficial. When society sees a woman who likes to create or maintain a fashion style of its own, that a woman pays a lot of attention to those things, society immediately labels that woman as something superficial. That a woman is beautiful does not mean that she is hollow, that a woman is ugly does not mean that she is intelligent. Women who like to make or want to fulfill our dreams our goals do not have to let people tag us, and seem more boring to enter to be seen only as intelligent. Women should not be labeled as something “beautiful” or as something “ugly” our actions should be to define who we are, how we act or how we think. An intelligent woman can be free, an intelligent woman can go crazy for the clothes and let her creativity come out and build style, a smart woman can exercise and start wanting to improve and take care of her outer being, a smart woman can go crazy for a while and have fun , an intelligent woman can fly if she wants, an intelligent woman must act under her own decisions not to act as a society says of what an “intelligent woman” should be like.
A woman can be everything she wants to be, she can express herself without fear, she can dance insanely, she can sing, although for some, including me, the voice is not angelic. A woman can have an important job and after going out and going to exercise, she can go and spend hours of her free time exfoliating her skin so that it is soft, she can later read, she can later scream how much she loves the fashion shows, or the Fashion itself An “Intelligent” woman can create her own concept or lifestyle under her own decisions. A woman can be everything she wants to be. We always look for or want freedom or security or discover who we are but … Do we really know what that means?
The meaning of a woman or a superficial person is the following “A superficial woman is one who only looks at the material, who only cares about the material and the physical of someone and herself, is a person who does not see beyond appearances and who does not pay attention to feelings more than what she and others can possess, she is a person who only fills something material and does not fill other things such as feelings and achievements, only the material, in general, is the one that only cares about appearance, the money the luxuries, the physical “That is the meaning that Google gives on a woman or superficial person. And if they read and analyze they will realize that a superficial woman is one who makes her lifestyle or stays stuck in only material things, in vanities, a person who does not see beyond that only live with that. That is a superficial person. That does not mean that an intelligent woman or with a different lifestyle can not, go crazy for material things or can not want a better physical, or also pay attention to the outside, a woman can be what she wants to be but have a balance in all that in being its own version and in not remaining stuck in empty things. But society but that engineer or people like him, think that a woman can not be pretty and intelligent, that she can not dress and have her own style, that she can not want beyond what her eyes can see. Those people who think that way are the society that wants to label us in a dogma with such short and hurtful meanings. You can be everything you think you want to be, nobody here has the right to be a bad person and hurt, a free person is one who tells the truth, is one who does what he wants to do, who does it because he wants not to wanting to impress who you should want to impress or love is your own person and the people who also love you and make you learn and learn. I can not consider myself intelligent or “Pretty” of the only thing I can consider myself is to be myself, to let go and fly my personality, to even want to fly further and further, and learn to learn the original meaning of what is to live, of the only thing I am sure and can defend is to be my own SELF. And I’m happy to let it out and fly.



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