Fashion is another type of art

Because style in fashion is important to me?
I would like to find many safe places here in the city and go every day to take pictures of my body covered with my clothes and what I like to put together with them, but it is something that I can not do here and I do not want to create in concept of photographs in the room.

But the fashion if they have importance in me, it is clear that I do not like to follow fashion trends, or be the last shout of fashion, what I like or look for the style itself, is to be able to let out the creativity that you can have with the colors and the garments, the different fabrics, cuts and the different days in which you can use certain garments. Our inner and outer being is only true? And we can give it the style that we want, even when people see us as something weird, no matter what is important here is that you look and let the ideas of your head come out in clothes.

In many occasions people or most people do not understand the different art that exists in fashion, they do not understand the passion of the designers in drawing and creating, in fact most people think that it is something until empty and without any kind of importance, and can not be explained because fashion is so important in the world.

As I wrote, I think that fashion is another type of art, an art not recognized as art, a person is someone who owns his or her being and can dress or talk or walk as only she knows how to do it. I also go crazy for the clothes, I also arm a thousand ideas in my head of the use that could give them.

Also when I exercise I think about the best that the garments in my body would look at. Creativity is something so infinite is something that can unfold in almost anything. Our exterior is something like our wrapping as a gift paper to a huge box with something special and big inside it, the spirit and as our interior is the most valuable is what never grows old.

But if we have control of our outside we can let out and fly our imagination and creativity. Finding my own style in clothes is something that is changing over time, I have not yet defined my own style, before I did not like the colors lit in clothes, and today I am starting to put them little by little into my wardrobe, because that is how we are changing And the intention of people who like fashion, at least for me is not that people see me or get attention, what I like about fashion is the creativity that can shine in that to let out ideas that is what I like.

Our inner spirit never ages. Our body will do it, so if we are young now let’s buy those sexy jeans. It’s another part of happiness


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