2017 bye ¡ideas to dress in the last day of 2017!

Ideas for dressing in the new year
I like knee-length dresses long-sleeved dresses and always up to the knee sleeveless and bright dresses for the holidays my plan was to lay off the year on the beach but I still do not know if it will be possible to do it because all the hotels are full on the island so I’m writing now about ideas made and taken out of “Pinterest” to share with my readers especially with the women that we turn around and we lose for a moment the head with the clothes. In the holidays of December that ultimante I can freely enjoy “long history” the situation here is that I know that many of us like the Christmas photographs that capture a magical and happy moment and happiness is given more in times like this . Here I shared some pictures that I liked and I took out of pinterest as ideas about garments that you can use to dismiss this 2017 that in my sad story was a balance between sad and happy for my life I am thinking of opening another category in this blog and writing there more personal situations to be able to share more with my readers I will stop thinking about so many things now and I will share with you the following photographs.
Happy new year happy end of this rare year and best wishes to all of you, I learned something a few days ago a person who was meeting told me “That time gives answers” and I answered that time does not give answers that time only it happens and it does not stop that the answers are the result of our decisions. So do not wait for a new year to change to start again, if you want to start over from this moment, the time is forever today.


watch this



This year was the skirts with buttons


I already have two striped pants in my closet


Something different and festive



This dress is a delight



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