Love is not in the air

Love is not in the air Love is not found when seeing someone’s eyes for the first time and feeling the so mentioned love at first sight What happens at first sight is only the sporadic charm for a stranger. Love is not something you come to feel for someone over time. Love is not something you feel when someone fills you with gifts and you feel that happiness of opening those gifts.


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One of my most recent learnings of life so far is that the true love that exists is that you win and it is the person with whom you win is a combination of timeshare and not just to pass the time and remain immobile waiting for love to arise and feel no, what I am writing about is the productive time of the shared experiences of honesty.
Once I read or saw in a movie or read in a book I do not remember well where but I read that the most significant thing in life in love is not “Find someone who falls in love with us” the most significant thing in life is power we get to love a person get to go crazy with love and feel that excessive desire to be with that person in a few words this means that what we feel for the other person is more important than what the person feels for US.


Photograph taken from pinterest

Think about when you go to a restaurant on a date or with a friend and ask for your favorite junk food we know that food will hurt us because of its high fat content we know we have to exercise so that it does not affect us and make us fat, but in that moment when we are in the place we think that only a second and this happens when we meet a person we only think about how happy we will be and we stop thinking about the background of that.
Let’s return with that delicious and favorite junk food, think of a table and we are sitting there with the person who decided to eat that hamburger when we are eating it. We only think about how happy we are to taste the delight that makes us feel and do not think or do not care if the person is feeling what we are feeling at that moment because we are selfish by nature but it is a healthy selfishness when it is a selfishness that we do not plan is when it only happens.

Our mind is clear but many times we do not want to believe what we truly are or do not like just because “normal” people do not have those same characteristics. Society life movies fantasy books have made us believe that someone will come that someone will go crazy for us and give up their life if necessary, we expect so much to that person that we just let out all the love all the passion that we could get to give to someone.
Many times throughout our lives we will have to face the fact of getting away from someone with whom we may have shared a lot of time and the decision will be made by us or the other person and if that decision is made by us we will not feel anything or because We met another person and that person makes us vibrate the feelings as at first we felt the other person vibrate, because as I wrote we are natural selfish and we only care about what we feel.
Now returning to the theme that true love is also something that is earned because feeling loved is something that we also seek and I believe that the connection we always seek is that we confuse when we think that someone will come and go mad for us and it will be that way forever, What we really want is to stay forever with someone we love and who loves us and that connection has hope of staying forever when that love of the other person is something that you win and when the person you love is someone who also loves you. has won your love that is true love that is what you have those people that we see in videos of the vine arela viejitos and happy for many many years.
Love is complicated now I wrote about the love we seek in an unknown love that occurs in stages that we do not plan that occur naturally, there are infinite people in the world please do not despair. Never forget that the most true love and which can grow beyond measure is that you can come to feel for your very being. To feel proud to be able to become the person you imagine you create in your mind with your same mold in the one you want to achieve.
When you are young experience things that are so natural and good for you those that do not buy moments that are happy those you want to run and run and feel it deeper do not get away from your true self of your tastes that make you feel happy already forget that you are going to stay alone if you do not act like the others forget about that because that is suicide to the soul.


Photograph taken from pinterest


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