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Human beings are really selfish by nature in many occasions or many different situations of our lifestyle and sometimes selfishness is confused with vanity we think many times that we can not share things that we believe we have discovered and our own secrets that work or even that Delicious piece of pizza.


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I can not explain with a specific approach about why we are selfish and sometimes we do not feel it or think it is only natural because we already know that no one is perfect what we all have flaws and that the defects are small perfections that make us different and that Somehow they are far from being defects when we know how to deal with them and not affect others not doing intentional harm.

I write since I was twelve years old before I realized how much I liked writing I remember that I read many books of all kinds of genre at that time I did not know anything about classifications of books or genres in itself since I was in school and the education system in my Country is a really poor system to which a child with many crazy dreams deserves, but we do not decide where to be born and we only think about being in a better place.

Create this blog a year ago and the adventure is exciting because it’s like leaving a record in the Internet age. At first I did not want to open my blog I thought about not wanting to share my discoveries in situations given by my experience and although I did not realize that I was being selfish at that moment, now I know that we are selfish by nature in some situations.

This blog will always be about something real about realities that I feel I have lived that have worked for me and that I want to share. Today after finishing my exercise routine I wanted to share how to make it easier to do the exercise at home and not think that it is something boring to what we will never get used to, we have to be positive people and start to stop just wanting or thinking “I would like one day be in my ideal weight, or I would like to have the perfect body someday “Let’s stop wishing and stay with the desire, we started to work little by little and build our goals.


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Many people think that they need a new year to change something in their lives that they do not like, or to start doing something new that will help them improve. If you are one of those people and want to start this 2018 with the right foot and start taking care of yourself physically and changing your body to a healthier and fitter I will write here what I do to keep my body in shape and be happy happy to see me to mirror.

I will order in simple and honest words what I do and what you can try to do from now, If you have any questions and you want to write and clarify it write me to my email which is: Kafmeblog@gmail.com I am going to answer you with a huge pleasure for your interest in wanting to take care of your outer being that will make your interior happy.

The days of Monday are not famous, most of the people have characterized them as boring, very boring days or days when they do not want to start and continue with a routine that consumes our happiness, but we have to stop seeing that face on Mondays and start to practice yoga at least half an hour on Monday with a sequence on YouTube is what I do on Mondays, I like to practice half or one hour of yoga.


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On Tuesdays I choose an hour to do buttocks and legs and to make it easier, before putting the youtube routines what I do is stretch before exercising after that I put the timer on my phone, and practice four-minute routines then I start with new ones following short videos of buttocks and leg routines until the clock ticks one hour, I take thirty-second breaks and drink water.


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On Wednesdays I perform a routine of exercises for the abdomen I do the same with the timer until I reach an hour.

On Thursdays I always do back and forth with youtube routines guided by certified people to be virtual instructors one of them in Elena Malova a Russian who lives in Chile with her practice Yoga and other exercises she is a professional and I have caught a kind of affection for being so clear and specific in their videos.

On Fridays I do what I want to do or yoga or one hour exercises for the whole body. You choose what to do on Friday is your choice, the important thing is to move. On Saturdays and Sundays I rest, but if you want to keep moving you can go on Saturdays and Sundays to walk or run. Start exercising and continue to increase your love for you do not stop and have a lot of patience.

Little by little and with the constancy and time you will see how your body gets in shape, and little by little you can also implement new things for your exercises such as: Dumbbells, elastic bands, yoga mats, leagues, etc. . But all with time and dedication after seeing how happy it is to feel healthy and in shape you will not want to stop exercising, I tell you from experience.


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 ¡ Let’s be young forever !



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