Angel’s body

When I think of an Angel I do not think of a definite gender I do not think of a face specifically what I think of is a very soft skin very smooth and natural I think of something perfect something that does not need makeup or retouching I think of the naturalness of a human being and thinking about that very soft skin is my inspiration to take care of myself and look for the angel’s body.

Angel’s dream body is a slow but sure process I want to think about structured steps to get to it. The first thing to do is to start choosing a time of the day and do any exercise of our choice we could choose a cardio routine to start doing yoga for beginners or go for a half-hour five days a week, start very little and with Time to start getting fit.


Photograph taken from pinterest

The second thing to do would be to start buying natural products such as a coconut cream or a cream of milk or a cream of some fruit but it is natural I always recommend buying the products from micro entrepreneurs because they want to enter the market they offer quite good quality in all its products so that is a great advantage for us consumers since we will be safe and happy of our purchase.

The third thing to do and if you like pizza as much as I do and you do not want to separate yourself from it then we start eating healthier more often and only once in a while give us the option to eat anything we want so much, this is a process but it is a process with a very happy ending.

The fourth step is to choose to cut ourselves in not hair, I speak of a cut in specific or very short in what I think is to at least go to cut the tips of your hair and start taking care of it if you have hair painting you can look for elaborated products for the care of The dyed hair and start to restore it you can look for natural options sure you find.

Our fifth step is to start taking care of our face less makeup and more cleaning buy a natural soap there are many options as for this option I chose one and wash your face in the mornings when you wake up and before sleep. In the mornings after washing your face and dry apply sunscreen choose a sunscreen focused on the face.


Photograph taken from pinterest

Our last step for a healthier skin and Angel is to drink two liters of water a day and start combining it with oats to let go little by little the sugar. Take a glass of water when you wake up and one before going to sleep, the water moisturizes the skin and when this happens the color of our skin and the sensation when touched is softer and clearer and healthier.

The photographs are great, right? Take a few accounts of how you are now, and after a month of trying all these steps, look at the change that will be in you and you will realize how close you will be to play in Heaven.


Photograph taken from pinterest

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