Wake me up

I want to dream much more, it is the dream of wanting to fly from wanting to fly very far from here of no worries of just living because I want so much to only feel the vibrant and positive feelings that you feel when you are listening to a very exciting song and electronic music is that that awakens you all one after another awakens the exciting desire to want to be so free.

I do not want to go back to the prison that feels to be with you because you are not healthy for me but the happy memories cloud my mind with a smoke that seems to be a happy white color, and I want to remember what it feels like to be a good person and forget and I am terrified of the feeling of how good it feels to be alone but I ask myself? Does it hurt to feel so good? The answer is that it gives a bit of terror

The days do not stop the days continue to go by without worries and I seem so happy it seems until I do not mind the great desire I have had all my life to want to explore of wanting to fly away and I do not want to close myself in a happy space I want each and every one of happy spaces because I still think that we deserve the world.

Life is not a delight of happy thoughts because the true world the real reality burns in flames and burns me the enormous fear of being trapped in the world where many people belong when they surrender. I’m still young and I should feel like floating for now, but time is a fast car at full speed.

The comfort in another person or in a place the security itself, in something is also a strong enemy accompanied by the time because you think it will be like this every day you think of a forever happy, but any day you can feel more alone than ever and more away from your true vibrations and you just keep thinking about that, and you can not do anything to recover the time, the only thing you can do in that horrible moment is to serve yourself some ice cream and continue watching that funny series on Netflix.

What can I tell you now?

Help me to wake up to believe again stronger in me Wake me up!



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