Movie of the Friends series this year?

My happiness did not last long, but it makes me happy to know that I’m watching it on Netflix for the first time in my life, and even though it only takes two seasons to see it, I am now part of the madness that this series woke up in the nineties, it’s such an original series, one in which the new modern series practically copied them but they are so far from having that essence and that comedy so natural and entertaining.

I had never seen that series in my life, when that series premiered I was a few years away from being born, and when I finally had a netflix account it had not occurred to me to see it, maybe it’s because I almost do not like the series ever. They liked it, but I think I know why.

The reason is that as we know before existing netflix the channels that transmitted series did not do it in an order, and although each episode of the series does not have a completely ordered sense, it is known that there are different seasons and that the theme is changing, and watching them on a television channel in which they do not follow a seasonal order is not as fun, as seeing them directly on a platform such as Netflix.

The reason why I had written that happiness was just going on “Friends” was because today in the morning I saw on Facebook, a trailer about which a movie of the series would be released this year, and I went crazy of wanting to see all the series already, to be able to enjoy the movie and the characters when it was released. Before writing this post today, I went to different press media, and I realized that this good trailer was just an edition of a fan that misses the series a lot, and this is what an important magazine wrote about that.

“Luckily, an internet genius who is just as depressed as we are after Kauffman got us out of the cloud, decided to put together scenes from the actors’ different recent projects to form a possible trailer for the Friends movie that is probably never pass.”

Photograph taken from pinterest

This is the video of the supposed “trailer” of the movie Friends a compilation of scenes from other movies where they appear. And of course a very good edition.

My happiness is low when I know the sad reality, but I am sure that if the producers decided to make a film of this series, it would be the highest grossing in a very long time. This series that became a classic and not only for being a series that premiered many years ago, but also for being the original series of all similar series that are currently with this type of themes.

But the good news is that the series is in netflix and for those who have not seen it yet since they were born after the series premiered, or you’re wondering what some people have asked me is it? You really have not seen that series ever? No, I have not seen her until now. I recommend you enter this adventure and learn about those nineties, and want to live in New York at that time and with those people and take some of your free time in this that is so fun.

¿Do you want to share your experience about the series? Leave us your comment



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