My experience in online shopping (Saves a lot of money)

I started shopping online at eighteen, making sure beforehand and investigating which page was the best to buy, comparing in price and speed and of course security. No doubt everyone knows that Amazon is the number one platform for shopping online, but I must confess that I have never bought Amazon I do not think I have not sailed or seen things there.


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Before (A short time ago) I had the wrong idea that the most expensive was the best, but an intelligent and knowledgeable person in the market told me the following: “Not because it is cheap means that it is not good or not because it is expensive means that it is better “and these words put me to analyze and reach the following conclusion

The big companies or the most famous products for daily use or buy some things for decoration or just something that makes us happy, ok all these products have a very strong competition although for example a shirt is used to dress many companies sell the same product called ” shirt “but this greater competition is creating demand depending on the taste or preference of the consumer and when more demand has a product or becomes more expensive, or loses quality but we keep them in the market for the” Fame “that has and is there where companies play with our mind and we think that because everyone buys it is the best.

When this happens, we no longer look for quality or a good price. What we are looking for is the brand to impress other people, or not to feel less or out of date. But as we grow we realize that it is only vanity, and that if we do not have the money to spend it in an uncontrolled way then, why spend on things we do not need? or because it is not better to save ourselves buying things in another place and of good quality and I am not writing of plagiarism or imitation what I try to write is to buy other brands cheaper and of very good quality.

When we buy online we save a lot of money since we are buying directly from the suppliers of large companies, because if they do not know it, companies of big brands, most send their products to Asian countries because labor is cheaper and therefore they save a lot and sell at an exaggerated price according to their brand products have sufficient demand.

Consumers of these big brands some do not realize that reality, because in clothes such as clothing does not say “Made in China” or in another Asian country but only the company’s brand and this makes us believe that the product What we are buying has nothing to do with bad quality, because we make the mistake of thinking that the “Made in China” is wrong and ignore the fact that if China is a World Power, it is because it is one of the most intelligent countries in the world. world and it may be that the bad reputation of their products has originated from some mistakes but as humans we know that not everything is perfect all the time and that maybe because of an error all Chinese products are already frowned upon.

I focus on writing in the Asian country of China because it is the most popular in factories where they make the majority of products from companies in other countries because as I wrote China has the cheapest work hand as in some countries of India . So after reading this based on my own personal experience, I hope you can take it into account and give you the opportunity to explore the Internet shopping option, and realize everything you can save and the satisfaction you may have. .

My favorite page when it comes to buying is Wish is an application where it sells products from China, at a low price and an excellent quality, what caught me and I liked this application is that the community that buys on this page comments and makes reviews about the product purchased, and this helps prospective buyers decide whether or not to buy the item based primarily on the comments and photographs of the buyers.

I want to emphasize that another of the things that greatly influenced me to decide to use only this shopping application, is the speed at which products sometimes come up to two weeks taking into account that I live in a Central American country and that the Asian continent is at Other side of the world.

Wish is an excellent application because when it comes to packing your items, they do it with the right size that the item needs, and this way you save the cost of the shipment and thus you save a lot of money when going and paying at collect your products. Wish has excellent customer service and unparalleled speed and this undoubtedly makes the online shopping experience happier.

I am not against buying physical stores I think that many times people prefer it because they can buy in real time and measure and see the product before paying, but my favorite method is to buy more online on this platform since I can buy many things with a low budget and at the same time.

I hope that my article based on my own experience has served you well and if you would like me to write more articles like this one you can comment and let me know. This entry will be in the category “Ideas for you” you can take a look! to that category and find other great ideas.


Buy from the comfort of your home ¡Photograph taken from pinterest!

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