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The sunsets and their colors make us feel with a little hope when we are lying in the rubble of what one day were the days are a new beginning, we grow old but we are alive and that should be enough motivation that we need. People can become very cruel can become so selfish and hurt the feeling of wanting a person who is not you can be happy but at the same time destructive.

You can not change or try to make a person think differently or give you clues about how you want them to be with you or how you want them to be like this, you can not tell someone else to come back and not say those words that made you disappointed, you can not think that you can change a person or think that person would try to change and be a better person for you.

You can not make a person react, and I know it’s painful because we would want the person we love to be our ideal type, but someone’s negative things are sometimes more powerful than positive things, and when you start to disappoint you that’s going accumulating in some space in your mind and then all that love all those desires to want to be with that person are diminishing little by little and you can not do anything to stop the process.

The only thing we can do for people is not to try to change them, the only thing that can be done is to give our opinions when they ask us, we can give advice to our friends but that does not mean that those people will take them and change what they want to change. The only person you can improve I have to perfect each day is your own person to you.

When we have different opinions when we disagree with how our generation works or the people around us, we have the right to search or be alone and although most people think that being surrounded by people just because it is something “normal” or An indication that you are “Cool” is not for that reason you are going to fall into something that has no real meaning, since many people prefer to be surrounded by people who have nothing intelligent to contribute, or toxic people who follow a pattern of society. Social manipulation is such a cheap attempt since loneliness is a double-edged love when you have not learned to control it, but I want to tell you that it is better to be alone to be surrounded by people who are only temporary and cheap.

True friendships are reaped over time, and the trust and support shown both by you and the people with whom you have a friendship. Life is only one and learning every day is an advance to be able to nourish our spiritual being and our happiness that comes from within us.

Letting ourselves go can be very fun can make us feel a type of adrenaline where it feels to be living, if you feel the good thing is to exist but time does not stop a thousandth of a second, and when you ignore all your true I want to feel something that is not loneliness, you will be spending a time that will then invoice you, which will consist of an artificial season of happiness that ends and the invoice is to return to reality.

We know that to live that learning to live and to live together is a very difficult process that many times we will have to face and do things that we do not want to do but which are necessary to keep you afloat in all the chaos and in the distance that your dreams come true. I know that many times we seek to distract ourselves and escape from reality, such as stopping time and ignoring all the things that make us unhappy but with which we have had to learn to live.

It is hard for us to trust someone who scares us to take everything out of our mind and to discuss it with someone else, it scares us to know how difficult it is to find someone who makes us be able to release everything we truly are, we think that life will be better and easier in a few years we will find that peace and we will be safe, but those years or that forever is today, and that is the most painful to know that we are still trapped.

On the Internet there are guides on how to be entertained or the university already seems somewhat stressful and where to spend time, even when they teach us things that we do not understand because life the true inner reality is not like that but social reality makes us fall and hide in some corner everything we want to be, but the hopes are not lost if you decide to change and start living as you have always wanted, and I speak of the freedom to say what we want to say, to think of acting with freedom, to work slowly in our true dreams those dreams that connect everything at the same time, those where you do not have to stop doing something you want to do something else that you also want, I think of the true dreams that are like connected stairs where each step does its function and it keeps creating an inner order connected with the outside, I want to achieve that I want it every day.


Calm Surf Photograph taken from pinterest



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