Let’s do this

I’m complex

I do not know when I will find the point where I will feel comfortable and with that flame burning inside which you feel when you get excited

I started exercising almost three years ago, I did it with the idea of ​​being in shape since my body is of slim build.

Today I see my body and there are days in which I like and I feel motivated to exercise and there are others in which I hate to see myself swollen in the abdominal part by eating very fast or sometimes eating food that does not do well to my body .

Instagram and its models with perfect bodies affect me affect many of us women since we would like that type of structure in the body.

Each body is different and I was clear a few days ago when looking for the shapes of the bodies I realized that my body type was “hourglass” and according to studies that is the ideal.

Before I thought about wanting a body that was impossible since that body was like a triangle shape and as I wrote until a few days ago I knew with more certainty that bodies are different.

For that reason you can not trust a person who is not professional to what you train because that person has the crazy idea of ​​thinking that because it worked for him something will also work for others.

That is why now I decided to start accepting more and if I want to improve physically I will continue with my exercise and continue to be disciplined.

The hardest thing here is to feed us well because food like hamburgers or pizza is a delicious fat that is burning in flames but you enjoy it.

A few months ago I wrote something called “healthy food forever please” and I want to read it a thousand times more and remember me because I have to eat clean.

He did not eat junk every day, maybe one or two days a week he did not take alcohol or any substance that harms my body.

About drugs and alcohol and everything related to that I have decided to play well to my body and not kill myself slowly since maybe as a young man that does not charge you bills but the day will come when he will kill you slowly and then you will not be able to fix it.

Loving ourselves is a truly slow process and learning bad habits and good habits are also process and structure something is patience and time talking about good habits.

I have thought to leave the fast food to remove it from my life to no longer have a day where it is worth eating everything. I exercise and I could do more and increase the cardio and that would thin and thin me but the ravages that junk food makes your body are not removed which are spots on the skin by fat, cellulite striae and other alterations to your skin.

What has helped me against anxiety is eating small amounts of healthy things, chewing well and drinking lots of water.

Do you know that it is also something I try to do? Tea can be tea cinnamon or chamomile tea, ginger, mint or any other boil with which you can make tea that if, without sugar or honey because the tea has healing properties and detoxify the body helping a lot to the metabolism.

I’m thinking about making the next meal plan if someone wants to try it with me here …

I want to start from tomorrow breakfast egg cooked with olive oil and wholemeal bread

Have some soup with vegetables and chicken and dinner type six oatmeal oatmeal, oatmeal with milk.

I want to do that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays I think about eating oatmeal pancakes with bananas 🍌 having grilled beef with extra virgin olive oil accompanied by vegetables. Animal protein is necessary for the body

Dinner something like some orange juice made from oranges organically and some sandwich whole wheat bread with avocado.

On Sundays and Saturdays breakfast avocado corn tortilla one or two. Add avocado and hard beans to those who are not scrambled. Have a delicious lunch as something that has to do with seafood and always dine always something soft like oatmeal cookies and milk.

And if we feel hungry, have oatmeal cookies, almond milk or cow’s milk, and have fruits like papaya, and all the fruits you want, the cucumber is delicious with a little salt and chili, try it!

Save some photos of pinterest recipes converted into photographs to guide us and try and do it.

I discovered how good I feel after eating healthy. I want to feel that every day. I promise that I’ll eat “healthy food forever please” because forever today.

I’ll leave you here some Pinterest ideas “pictures with recipes” to motivate us and inspire us to cook and eat delicious.


photo taken from pinterest


photo taken from pinterest


photo taken from pinterest


photo taken from pinterest


photo taken from pinterest





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